Human-Gem Hybrid: Jenna - Hawk's Eye Picture

One of my bounties from that Hollow Creek facility. This female was very abnormal, which I hope will add to the hybrid's capabilities. Organics are unpredictable, after all. However, there was something I'd like to point out in this log about the female human: She had a fondness towards the concept of "the supernatural". This "supernatural" that humans have is, apparently, a series of manifestations that is attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding. In other words, they are the acts of magical forces or powerful entities that exist in the mortal world. It seems that this female was very interested in such a concept. Perhaps her intelligence on such a thing will give her greater insight on certain that may or not may be. Plus, this supernatural concept would be intriguing to learn from Earth's culture.

Mostly known by her recovered human name 'Janna', Hawk's Eye is quite a zealous, adventurous and spunky hybrid. Her intelligence of the supernatural grants her knowledge towards most things affiliated with magic. Also, she has much knowledge on mythological creatures, which can benefit to many Gems' ways of making different evasive and defensive abilities with their shape-shifting powers. However, as much as she loves to explore, traveling through space is quite a problem for her. Hawk's Eye has an irrational fear of flying, whether in space or on any planet. Basically, if she's leaving the ground, she turns into a coward. But when it comes to going on </span>missions, her amazing sight can scope out lots of things from long distances. Hawk's Eye's eyesight is beyond that of any average human, as she can even see things to a microscopic scale.

Hawk's Eye's abilities are shape-shifting (into certain mythological creatures), her eyesight, which works very much like a microscope for seeing very tiny things, and as binoculars for long-range distances, and summoning her weapon, a large military knife. Her knife can cut through all rocks and minerals, and can conduct a heat of up to 1200 degrees.
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