The Blood Glass never knew this would happen Picture

Though out the millennia of the Blood Glass's existence it would come out every few hundred years and grand some sucker wealth or power. While it got to make a giant or monster that would haunt them in till they went insane. Such as in the 1800's it created a giant octopus to go terrorize this one merchant who wanted to be the most powerful trader of the high seas. That time ended with the merchant killing the octopus and getting killed when he took out the giant slimy beast. The centuries before that the Blood Glass had made a man into the richest and most powerful man in all of Lilliput. But it made his business partner who the man had tried to kill into a monstrous deformed 200 foot giant that nearly destroyed all of Lilliput. And in the reticent millennia before for that the Blood Glass had traveled form planet to planet creating ravenous giant monsters and giants from many of the alien's mythological stories. But what the Blood Glass couldn't understand was how come it made the Cerivdain Doe Kaneshia into a giant to terrorize Lilliput. And the leaders it was doing this to terrorize appeared to be in love with the giant 800 foot tall Doe Girl. It made no sense to the Blood Glass.

To the Blood Glass Kaneshia was some peasant Doe walking around in the woods giving tours of some torn up stones and decaying ruins. So it thought it would be a no brainier for the leaders of Lilliput to destroy the towering peasant Doe that was eating them out of house and home. But they didn't simply destory the giant Doe which to the Blood Glass was what gives here?

In this scene Kaneshia is outside of the city foraging for food when she sees something that looks quite tasty for her to devour.

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