Nava-Verse Archives #49: Lel'Thlenu Picture

INDIVIDUAL: PRIMAL DEITY: Lel’Thlenu is an ancient Primal being of uncertain origin, and a Serpentine–Class entity, which is a more evolved variant of the “Idol” form with additional energy–linked parts. Lel’Thlenu is extremely powerful but is considered too foolish and restrained to ever pose more than a local threat. He is also known for his extremely loud, booming voice and unusual speech pattern, which includes frequently shouting his own name. The durability value of his body is close to 40,000.

Lel’Thlenu is a wandering spirit who has appeared on several different planets, never opting to establish any permanent home or cult of worshippers. His purpose is that of wish–fulfillment, and to this end Lel’Thlenu is both obsessive and compulsive, incessantly trying to tempt anyone and everyone he meets for whom he could potentially provide his service; he wants to simply be “used” more than anything else. Despite this fact, he has been known to demand large, bizarre and sometimes disturbing “offerings” in exchange for more substantial “miracles”, a common one being the souls of young virgin females, and others including enormous amounts of food and seemingly random specific objects which often cannot even be found on the planet he is on when asking for them. Lel’Thlenu’s wishes, when granted, tend to be accurately reflect the intended desire, seeming never to be intended to “backfire”; there is only one known case of him attacking (and killing) someone, under circumstances and for reasons unknown.

Lel’Thlenu was first encountered well before Age 0 Relative, and seems to have vanished sometime around Age 500, presumably having been either destroyed or imprisoned somewhere.
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