Homestuck PAPCG Airspace sheet 1 Picture

This is the beta version of the starter deck for the PAPCG. I am looking for art contributions for these cards. Below are the descriptions of what each card should look like. They are purposely vague to allow room for creativity.

Land of Wind and Shade- ON HOLD. Any picture of the planet would be fine. DONE.
Typheus- ON HOLD. feel free to look up a mythological description of him (going by the Greek name Typhon). Or you can go by his browser appearance in Homestuck. DONE.
John Egbert, Young Man- ON HOLD. This is the most basic John card. So he should be in his original outfit, no god tier hoodie or anything. Basically, draw a young man standing in his room.
John Egbert, Heir of Breath- ON HOLD. Anything involving John. DONE.
John Egbert, Wind Waker- ON HOLD. John either windswept or using his wind powers.
Jade Harley, Big Dreamer- ON HOLD. Anything pre-dog tier. DONE.

If you would like to help out with this project, please visit Homestuck-PAPCG for info. Thank you!
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