The Maid of Speed Picture

Your name is AMAHRA HASTON.

You are PRETTY GOGDAMN FANCY. You decorate your hive with posters of your favourite movies and games, along with art pieces depicting ANCIENT AND MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES (although you know that they're real somewhere). You TEND NOT TO HAVE A GENDER, but prefer to wear VINTAGE DRESSES that you find on your adventures.

You take an interest in FAST THINGS and EXCITEMENT. You RUN EVERYWHERE and NEVER STOP MOVING, EVEN WHILE ASLEEP. It is for this reason that you are PRETTY MUCH ALWAYS TIRED and accounts for your FRANKLY WORRYING INTAKE OF STIMULANTS. You also tend to RUN INTO THINGS DUE TO YOUR SPEED. Because of your insane speed, you were picked by the fastest lusus, the NECKBREAKING CHEETORB. You try and stay out of the Black Quadrants as much as possible, and ENJOY WITTY BANTER with people, especially during EXCITING EVENTS. Hardly anybody knows what your face looks like, because you PRACTICALLY NEVER REMOVE YOUR HELMET, because if you did then you would probably FALL AND BREAK YOUR HEAD INSTANTLY. Your trolltag is alacritousChamberhand and you speakreallyquicklysoastogetasmuchinformationthroughintheshortesttimepossible!!!!!!

NAME - Amahra Haston
TITLE - Maid of Speed
Age - 6 sweeps
Screen name - alacritousChamberhand
Typing style - nospacesorpunctuationexceptforexplamationpointsbecausethatshowspeopleyourereallyinahurry!!!!!!!
Sign - Double arrows:
Strife Specibi - BATKIND.
Modus kind - SPEEDOMETER: organises things by how fast ze was going when ze put things into it.
Relations - Tries to stay friends with everyone, but has trouble dealing with people who take too long to do anything.
Planet - LAND of TRANCE and VACUUM.
Hive design - all one story, very flat with a race track and several ramps, for fun and to see how fast ze can go
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