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Omg something that is not a troll character what is this?! Oh well XD XD

Name: Kyle Caesar

Age: 16

Birthday: May 8th 1996

Gender: Male

Title: Lord of Void (watch out everyone)

Symbol: Magic version of the ice symbol

Strife Specibi: javelinkind

Screen Name: pizzaFanatic

Fetch Modus: Popsicle sticks

Trollstuck blood color: Sky

Guardian: Lil' Caesar

House Location: An old fashioned house in Michigan (2211 Woodward Avenue)

Planet: Land of holes and ice

Typing Style: No capitalization but does use apostrophes and punctuation; hate to be the bearer of cold news but your going to die soon.

Relations: Dean Viken- (best friend/ genetic father)

Lily Sanders- (awesome female friend/ genetic mother)

Lil Caesar- (guardian) (deceased )

Hook- Pet

Tavros Nitram- Patron Troll

Kylesprite- Dream self

Suzi Fezick- Girlfriend

Likes: Ice, pizza, tomatoes, Roman mythology, history, ice cream

Hates: Hot days, cold pizza, breaking his things, having to swear

Personality: Kyle is a little bit of an asshole but he's really understanding. He likes to keep his feeling inside of him and doesn't like to talk about himself giving him that cold personality. Kyle is very intelligent he just says stupid things to seem cooler and more "in the times". He also enjoys cooking but doesn't really tell most people and when asked if he cooks he says "it's stupid" or "why would i do that?"

Kyle, Dean, Hook, Kylesprite, Suzi, my version of Lil' Caesar belongs to
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