Ba-Pef Picture

My original character "Ba-Pef" whom I created for my original story/animated short series "Interplanetary ART".

He's based on an ancient Egyptian god of pain and suffering in the underworld, who was so feared that he was never really referred to by name, since Ba-Pef only means an ambiguous "That soul".
He's impossible to find information on because he's barely known and wasn't around in their mythology for long, but that works perfectly for me and my story cuz I can take a bunch of liberties with the character.
In my series, ancient gods and deities and whatnot were actually beings from other planets with intense psychic and psychological mind powers which they used to control people on Earth. I had that idea before Ancient Aliens ever aired. The bums.

Anyways, Ba-Pef's the Tactical and Defense Expert on the spaceship and is the one in charge when enemies show up, but he also has a bit of a vendetta against the alien forces trying to stop he and the IART crew, so that gets in the way of his work sometimes.
I always think of him as sort of a player, but more in the style of Brock from Pokemon because he never has any success... which is due to the fact that he loves macabre, scary, gory things and doesn't even try to hide it. Any girls interested in his face quickly run screaming once he starts talking. Well, except for the spaceship mechanic Hedda, but her crush on him goes completely unnoticed since, for the time being, he only sees her as a shipmate and fellow IART crew member.

Ba-Pef belongs to me, and Interplanetary ART is (C)Sarah Plewe/ArtisteFish
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