Centurion - Concept Art Picture

Some concept art from the "Heroes and Villains" MMO project, featuring Centurion, one of the leading heroes of Earth and founding member of The Legion, the world's oldest and largest super-team.
He's designed to be a slice of pure Golden Age comic bookery, with everything from his ultra-traditional costume and 1930s movie star looks, to the pulp sci-fi and classical history/mythology references in his name and backstory, along with its Depression era setting being intended as a call-back to the origins of the comic book genre.

This is the updated costume from 2014 -the original one can still be viewed here - Centurion 01

A post on the official HaV forums outlining the creation of Centurion and the evolution of his costume can be found here - www.heroes-and-villains.com/ph…

This is his is current mini-biography:


For Alexander, a 13-year old orphan from Titan City, March 21st 1928 was the day that his life - and the world - was changed forever.

A quiet and at first somewhat shy child, he liked to spend as much of his time as possible away from the busy confines of the Adams Orphanage in Silvertown, wandering the streets or exploring the surrounding countryside - and it was while he was walking through the overgrown fields of the abandoned Danner's Farm to the west of the city that he first saw the twin bolts of light hurtling from the sky.

Those two bolts were Senon-Val and Daros-Rhan, the last of the Numenians, an alien race from the Andromeda Galaxy, and a people gifted with incredible powers drawn from the cosmos itself. Once upon a time, their world of Numenion had been a shining beacon of peace and justice among the stars, and the Senturi Guardians, an order of Numenians who wielded the Cosmic Force, were at the forefront of those who helped to keep the peace across many worlds in their galaxy and beyond.

But over time their power began to corrupt some of the Numennians, and they looked on other peoples and worlds as things to be dominated and controlled, not helped and protected, and in the end civil war engulfed Numenion, as the corrupted Numenians. led by Daros-Rhan sought to destroy the Senturi Guardians and their leader Senon-Val, and so claim Numenion for themselves, and open the way to new conquests across the stars.

As the catastrophic conflict neared an end, and with the forces of Daros-Rhan facing defeat, he turned to the use of forbidden weapons in final desperate attempt to ensure that if he was defeated, then Senon-Val and the Senturi Guardians would be destroyed along with his own forces. So powerful were these weapons that not only were the two armies wiped out in seconds, but every living thing on Numenion was also annihilated, and only Daros-Rhan in the protected inner chamber of his fortress had survived, along with Senon-Val, who had arrived there a moment to late to prevent the catastrophe.

Fleeing Numenion, Daros-Rhan made for the Milky Way, pursued by Senon-Val. There on the planet Toliman in the Alpha Centauri system, where the Numenians had long ago established a distant outpost, Daros-Rhan had secretly constructed a cloning facility as a safeguard against his own death, and he now intended to activate them as a final weapon to use against his arch-enemy. But even as he triggered he activation protocols, Senon-Val arrived, and only a handful of clones were able to come to Daros-Rahn's aid, and these his enemy managed to destroy even as the last two Numenians tore the facility apart in their struggle.

Again Daros-Rhan fled, this time with no other goal than to try and escape his relentless pursuer - and again Senon-Val went after him, until wounded and exhausted from their battle across the stars, from galaxy to galaxy and from world to world, they finally came to Earth, and hurtled from the sky like two bolts of light, even as the young orphan Alexander looked on.

Overcoming his surprise and fear, the boy approached the broken and scorched ground that had been created by their final encounter, and found Daros-Rhan dead, and Senon-Val mortally injured. Helping the dying Numenian to a nearby barn, Alexander did all he could to make the alien’s last hours as painless as possible, and moved by this display of bravery and kindness, Senon-Val told the boy the story of his people and the Senturi Guardians, and of the rise and fall of their world. And as he died, the last of the Numenians chose not to follow his people's way of giving up their powers to the cosmos from where they came, and instead gifted them to Alexander, telling him that his courage and compassion was worthy of the Senturi Guardians, and that with the Cosmic Force and the heart and will that he'd shown, he could do great good on Earth and beyond, and so keep alive the ideals of peace, justice, truth, honor and hope that the Numenians had lived by before their fall, and protect Earth from suffering the same fate that had befallen his world.

The powers took some time to completely manifest themselves in Alexander's still-growing body, but by the beginning of 1933 he had mastered the Cosmic Force, giving him incredible strength, speed and endurance among other abilities, and wielding it fully against criminals in Titan City for the first time, he foiled a bank robbery in Phoenix Hill. Taking inspiration for his name and costume from the Senturi Guardians, he quickly became a crime-fighting sensation - the first in a new age of superheroes, and a familiar sight in the skies over Titan City.

As well as being one of the oldest and most powerful heroes in the world, he also founded the Legion in 1956, which quickly grew to become the world’s largest supergroup, and has been at the forefront of the fight against evil for decades, not only in America, but also across the whole world and beyond. All of this has combined to make Centurion an icon of heroism and the ideals of peace, justice, truth, honor and hope, and a formidable force that no supervillain from Earth or anywhere else in the Multiverse can ever afford to ignore.


More info on the project can be found at the "Heroes and Villains" website here: www.heroes-and-villains.com/
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