Nepher-Kan Picture

"I have finally found you, my goddess in disguise!"

Nepher-Kan is an Aengylyan, a race of aliens that visited Earth long ago. The Aengylyan came to Earth during Egypt's rise to power, and were the inspiration for many of Egyptians cultural evolutions, but also took inspiration from the Egyptians themselves. These ancient aliens showed the Egyptians how to build pyramids, and watched as the Egyptians put them together, and from the Egyptians they gained a style of dress, mythology and language. Nepher-Kan was the high priest of the Aengylyan, and oversaw much of the evolution. But he saw something else as well. Aya'Sahriel, disguised as a human, on one of her hunts. He could sense she was different. But as soon as she arrived, she was gone. Nepher-Kan spent many millenia searching for her, hoping to find his "goddess" again. It wasn't until Aya began her reign of terror that Nepher-Kan found her again. He was smitten with honor, and pledged his army to her. Soon after, his army committed atrocities in her name. Eventually, the Galactic Order found out, and Kaede and her squad were sent to get rid of Nepher-Kan. Once they arrived on his home planet, they had to do battle with his personal guard. They fought through them, and eventually reached Nepher-Kan himself. Despite his boasts, Kaede easily killed him, and his successor took over and returned his forces home, denying Aya access to their troops.

NAME: Nepher-Kan

NICKNAMES/TITLES: Apostle of the Goddess, Crazy Cultist

AGE: Over 5000

HEIGHT: 8' 9''

WEIGHT: Unknown

EYES: None

ALLIANCE: Shadow Army


POWER LEVEL: Extraordinary

ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Other abilities unknown

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