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critical because it will be a major new point to my story i am developing, with some thinks to my bro Rik for helping me out on the others.

this is Sankakusu, which is in essence a super deity known as one of the Ancient Four, group who governs the main dominions of the worlds spread across the universe.
Thses domains are the sky, the earth, the sea, and finally the cosmos itself.
The Ancient Four are rumored to be the very first Fierce Deities to arrive in our dimension to create our universe and provide mortal beings with reasoning and law.

as for Sankakusu, he rules the skys. All mythology involving sky and thunder gods originate from him. You might be able to guess what kind of culture he developed from his armor.
All deities have astronomical power in every catagory but the four are specialists where they rule. So Sankakusu has control over clouds, rain, lightning and winds as if it wasnt even second nature. more like thay ARE his nature. Calm, and the skys are clear as gentle winds blow through the grass. Bored, the sky is filled with clouds. Angry, expect tornadoes, hurricanes, and maelstroms of all kinds.

Not even Guardians can compare to their level of power. in fact, Sankakusu is so skilled in his magic that by default, physical attacks that strike him are completely ineffective because he just converts his body into clouds as the blow passes by. This even works as a counter attack since he can electrify said clouds and shock the living snot out of someone. His power is so great he dosnt need to make any kind of gesture to activate a power. he wont even bat an eyebrow and he can drop a twister down on a planet.

Sankakusu himself is extreamly serious. Not once in all the millennia he has lived has he ever smiled. a tad egotistical about his position, he states that he will never be questioned otherwise you can consider yourself dead. He isnt necessarily a bad guy however. Just very full of himself. He has a careing side, but you most likely wont see it, since he only shows the nice guy side to those who worship him as the god he makes himself out to be. But like all the Immortals, a Fierce Deity, no matter how powerful, CAN be killed under certain circumstances.

He often times just sits around and enjoys whatever is going on whatever planet he is watching, sometimes implementing some "divine intervention" to anyone who needs it as he is catered to by his leagons of beautiful vixens he has taken for the earthly realms to enjoy. A simple fox with the desire to help others? sorta except he is sorta like the god of pimps XD
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