Proxy Blood - Tonkori Picture

race: Yuki Onna
age: 19
height: 5'7"
weight: 121 lbs
homeland: Goyou-bansha, Ezochi

Most of the yukijin cloistered themselves when the Struggle began, hoping it would all blow over. They've always been a keep-to-themselves people. Tonkori wouldn't stand for this. It's likely she's not really the strongest of her race, in terms of body or even ice power, but she's the strongest of heart. That orihalcon katana is pretty strong too.

when she wins, the yukijin spread out through all the polar regions of the earth, even the south pole is dotted with ice palaces. However, an unfairly huge portion of the earth is just too warm to be tolerated, so the great ice sages collaborate to cool the planet down. EVERYONE IS TOTALLY COOL WITH THIS AND THE ECOSYSTEM IS JUST FINE.
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