I recognize no master Picture

"other than death itself."

music(Crystal castles- Courtship dating): [link]

It loves its master.
Anywhoooo, this is Disraeli. She's a Djinni, the type from Arabia and my favorite trilogy; The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Originally This djinn is male, but due to their ability to adapt any guise they wish(hence finding the name of the person) It is referred to as female due to its use of the gender and how it feels. While in a guise Disraeli likes to keep her yellow snake like eyes as some kind of trademark. Her old (recent) master; Cassini gave her over in some sense to Glimpse; The grim reaper who's origins are from other far off planets. Durring her charge to serve glimpse and both Cassini at the same time until both dismiss her she had...developed some feelings such as possessiveness and affection twards her part time master. She refuses to call him master though and would sooner have her essence ripped apart by a silver wood chipper than admit her affections, although she doesn't make it clear but it is still obvious. Although they have quite an abusive relationship due to both of their stubborn-ness and her pride, somehow they find love in that.(idontknowhow8I)

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