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Star Info/science time: V486 is an A0V star meaning, it shows the strongest hydrogen lines, making it very light purple/blue white. Temperature is 7,500K-11,000K. It is a main sequence (young dwarf star) star 3.2 times the size of Earth's star and 2.5 times the radius. This star is Beta Lyrae also known as eclipsing binary star.

Name: Oray
Meaning: no technical meaning, Oray is another name for the demon Lerajie in earth mythologies
Species: Human/humanoid
Birthday: Nov. 24
Age: Appears late 20's actual this lifetime: 110
Height: 5'5" / 167.6 cm
Appearance: lightly tanned skin, light purple eyes/darker purple pupils, blue hair/shaved on one side long on the other, shorter in the torso than avg, toned muscles.
Gender: female
Orientation: undecided
Current Residence:

Likes: fantasy books, jelly beans, surfing, swimming, moments of quiet contemplation
Dislikes: spicy foods, talking politics, her own restless nature, pink things
Positive traits: intellectual, independent, pioneering, quick thinking, resourceful, observant, visionary, expansive, studious
Negative traits: uncontrolled, mood swings, critical, impulsive, restless, impatient, lacking application, discontent, scattered

Personality: In her current lifetime Oray is Bipolar I. She experiences hypo-mania events for a few days or weeks; then slides slowly into depression. So the greatest lack in her life is stability or peace of mind.
She has very high ideals, and on many occasions she becomes disillusioned or disappointed in people and it leaves her feeling alone.
Oray finds relief from her symptoms by being outdoors in nature and especially surfing. She abhors having her freedom restricted, but she is constantly being dragged back in to chaos. Although interested in the deeper aspects of life, she has such a restless intensity that defies relaxation.
A quick thinker she is versatile and action oriented; combat helps alleviate, for a little while, the disorder of her mind. When she is in an even mood she can sell any idea and convince anyone of her confidence in a certain plan. In her manic state she may talk too quickly or skip around excitedly from topic to topic. Sometimes even becoming hypercritical and sarcastic. Her down swings into depression she retreats from the world become introspective. She isolates at this time and her commentary is then cynical or morbid. She will lose interest in conversation and dive into reading or studying to distract from the depersonalization.

History: In the system where VTC 486 can be found there is a ceremony of rings. Any time the soul for v486 is reborn the search is on for her host among the planets. Each death the rings return to an altar built on the closest planet to the star. They sit inactive in a cold stone form, unusable to any but her (unless you wanna chuck them at someone I guess). Once she is found, the rings activate in a way and begin making a god awful noise. Basically demanding her presence. While her outward appearance changes every time, but her personality is essentially the same. Once found, (no matter the age) and brought to the rings, they clamp down onto her arms and finally stop making noise. At least to the rest of the world. She claims to hear them all the time, at varying levels. The rings are singing to her, especially in battle. These rings cannot leave her body (although rumored she can become so powerful they could). They can, however, move around her body to any appendage needed.
No matter the incarnation she always endures rigorous training with the current top strategist and hand to hand combatants in her system. This helps prepare her current body to keep up with her awakening powers. It is rare for an incarnation of hers to have weak physique or disease. However, 90% of her lives she has a mental illness. Mainly in the area of common adult disorders like: anxiety, ptsd, bipolar, depression, ocd, etc.
Oray's parents heard the news of the rings stirring a couple years after Oray was born. They lived on the furthest planet from the altar though in the most rural out of the way area. Of course all inhabitants of the system know of the warrior V486 and the signs of her emergence. Her parents brought her to the altar as quickly as they were able. It was quite an undertaking for them, so they arrived a few years later. Oray assumes she was about 4 years old but no one can really tell her. She vividly remembers when the rings reached out and solidified on her arms. That moment onward she was like an old soul in a little girl's body. Seeing the personality change her parents had no problem giving her over to training and returning home. They were just one bitter experience in a sea of many. Once training was over she was released to do what she will so long as she did her job.

Faction: Variable type Carinae
Designation: VTC 486 aka V486
Realm of influence: light manipulation
Armor: Her uniform is made of light blue leather. with accents in pale yellow and pale purple. Her legs are covered in blue steel shin guards and black stone with gold flecks on the back. Nothing on her arms so her angel rings can move around. Leather feather shapes on her shin guards.
Weapons: angel rings - these rings are forever bound to her soul and once she is brought to their temple altar they attach themselves to her for the duration of her life. They can move around her body to any part, become any size or tensile strength. Legends of her previous lives say these rings can come off her body at her command and hover around her.
Natural abilities: light formed being - strengthened muscles and bones from her powers, increases endurance and dexterity.
Weakness: Her mind is weak, the mental darkness is a vulnerability. She is smart and logical, but when it comes to depression it's a fog over her mind. Literal darkness as well. She cannot produce photons only use them or amplify.
Defense ability: She can bend the available light, displacing where her body is to the eyes of her opponent. The enemy then attacks where they think she is and miss 90% of the time. Dependent upon there being enough light to cause the refraction. She prefers to only use this for time to strategize or give her time for an opening to engage hand to hand.
Attack abilities: uses all 6 rings to augment hand to hand combat, emits a blinding white light in flashes every time contact is made with opponent to disorient and blind. Direct contact with unarmored areas cause loss of motor skill function. Multiple strike attack.
Or each ring will light up a different color; each color has a specific augment. The active one will morph its shape or surround parts of her body in the glow of the color to show it's active. Currently she can activate all of them singularly, and a few of them as duos to combine attacks. She is supposed to be able to activate all 6 at once for a devastating attack, but she has not attained that ability yet. Magenta is the most combinable.
Ring abilities: Purple- used to light surf/ ride photons, yellow- body wide enhanced speed, navy- creates weapon shapes, lt. blue- transference of momentum "push objects",
magenta- corrodes most armor with contact, green- creates flares exploding flashes
The right side pose is the active colors, the middle is the inactive stone version, the left has 2 attacks for reference: one being the active Navy(the weapon is in the form of brass knuckles)ring, and the white swirling light is the hand to hand augment.
I hope I followed all the guidelines! Let me know if I missed something or wrote something not allowed in the group.

artist notes: The pose ideas are referenced from
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