The Temple of the Flame Cult Picture

Ok, so I'm pretty shitty at landscapes.

The Temple of the Flame Cult worships fire in a way that even most enthusiastic Flame Elementalist won't partake in. While most elementalists are grateful for their elemental gift from Padrial V, the essence of their homeworld, Flame Cultists have concocted strange practices and disturbing mythology. Built into the Red-Tipped Mountains, the temple towers above some of the tallest peaks, boasting their grand design above the horizon, and shadowing those below. The Flame Cultists believe that they were chosen by a deity named Nes-Furiat, descending from the planet itself, a clear fabrication of geological and biological feats (Padrial V is a planet, but they believe it gave birth to their god, so like, wtf mate?). Nes-Furiat blessed their ancient leader, Argoron the Flame Chosen, and directed him to start the Flame Cult. Over many centuries, their cult has slowly grown, and thrived. Recently, however, their newly appointed leader, Damian the Flame Essence, has changed and fabricated ancient text to bend and manipulate the wills of the cult members to his will. He has started kidnapping neighboring villagers and sacrificing them to Nes-Furiat, believing the deity of the planet can be manifested and roam the planet once again.

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