Phalie Quartz (read description) Picture

Phalie is a Metatopsi Morfi.
The Metatopsi Morfi are a race of aliens, psychotic and homicidal in nature, who love to destroy and kill. They love the smell of blood and the sound of bones crunching beneath their cloven toed feet. Morfis are usually very tall with light grey skin and  large light rainbow eyes with slit pupils like a snake’s. They have three fingers on each hand and two cloven toes on each foot. They have grey fins for ears and large colorful horns like a rams, usually curving back behind their head. They have a simple bump for a nose with slits for nostrils. There are two kinds of Morfis. Single Color Morfis and Rainbow Morfis. Single color Morfis have a limited life span and cannot shapeshift like Rainbow Morfis. Rainbow Morfis can live forever and can change forms in an instant. When they change forms their new bodies they wear anything from a rainbow rose, to a mole. Anything on the head that isn’t suspicious. They are royalty and will usually be a part of the royal army.
The Morfis, under their ruler Queen Perla, began taking over the galaxy, killing royalty, peasants and even pets. They threatened to take over everything all while a young Morfi named Phalie began plotting against the queen. She was disgusted with her race. She seemed to be the only Morfi with a conscience. She found herself in the royal army and served under Queen Perla, keeping low and quiet. One day, a planet was resisting being conquered with strength. The queen became angry and took her whole royal army with her in her armada to travel to the planet to deal with it herself. Phalie found this to be a wonderful opportunity. So she gathered all the nitroglycerin on the ship and spread it before setting fire to it and making it to an escape pod where she watched the armada explode from the space outside, killing the queen and the rest of her brethren.
The authorities capture her and banish her to earth, in hopes that she would die or be killed. That’s where she lived out 3 billion years, as life grew and changed around her. She was recorded in history as a mythological Shapeshifter. She eventually took the form of a woman named Daisy in the 1950’s America before moving to England where she writes “science fiction” books about the aliens she learned about and the wars that went on between Daleks, Catkind, Timelords, etc. like an intergalactic history book. She also writes about every race’s weaknesses and strengths as Morfis had to know these things when conquering planets. She even knows about the Doctor. He is the only one she’s actually felt fear of over years and years.
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