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Angel Liam/ ██████ Description

Written by ~AllCatsUnite

To start, Liam’s species name is unfortunately impossible to translate into any human language so we apologize now for any lack of understanding what he is aside from an alien.

The █████ species is a benevolent, old alien bird race that aside from maintaining their own flourishing population, dedicates their time to ensuring the survival of other sentient life forms throughout multiple galaxies. While they will do what they can to act as peace keepers, their species has been around long enough to understand that wars and death must take place. When a war breaks out and it’s clear genocide is going to happen, their mission is to go in and save a small sample of the dying species, protect, and relocate them so they may start anew. All █████ are sworn non-killers unless it proves absolutely necessary in defense (or in case of approved assisted suicide which will be brought up later). They have developed weapons that are able to immobilize almost every species in the known galaxies they have spread to.

█████ can best be described as looking like the mythological griffin (and in fact inspired the creation of them here on earth in our mythology). See [insert link of Liam here] for what they would look like on average though just like with humans, their feathers, colors, and body types can be significantly different from one individual to another. Every █████ comes equipped with two sets of wings. While their spines can easily bend for either bipedal or quadropedal movement, their hind legs do not create easy movement when standing. The smaller set of wings is for short distance jumping or gliding as well as slight hovering. The larger set of wings is for long distances and larger heights. █████ lack any reproductive organs due to the species reproducing through having their genetic material extracted once or twice during their life and being mixed with another’s in a lab. There is no familial connection between the young and their parents or the parents themselves. Though the young can easily find out whose genetic material was used to facilitate their birth. With this form of reproduction a careful motorization of their population size can take place as well as eliminate the idea of sexual identity. While gender exists as a spectrum between “feminine” and “masculine” (though they would not use those exact words since they have no reference between male and female) there are no gender roles and the spectrum is merely a measurement tool with no stigma attached to placing yourself anywhere on it. Along with the lack of sexual organs, █████ also lack specific excretion orifices such as our urethra. Any waste matter is excreted through sweat making bathing and being clean particularly important to their species to avoid sickness.

Since they are bird like, █████ have a natural tendency to flock and are very collective minded. From birth they are sent to the nurseries and will spend the rest of their lives in communes or dormitories where aside from individual sleeping quarters, everything is shared. Affection and friendliness is encouraged by every in the species from early on. Once out of the nursery, the young are sent to a school dorm anywhere on the home planet or on the multiple large mother ships they have stationed in different galaxies. Such far travel is possible through worm hole technology they have developed that allows instant travel to near anywhere they wish. After basic schooling, with a mixture of desire and where they naturally excel, young are finally sent to their specialty school and learn the job they will be doing. In the case of Liam, he is an Angel, whose job is to live on alien planets disguised as one of them and to keep general tabs on the progress of the species as well as learn more about their lifestyle and behavior. There are very few angels on each planet, like with Earth, there are only 3. There are many other specialties and jobs young █████ can choose from as well as switch to if truly desired. The █████ society is headed by separate councils made up of the elders of each job type. When something that must be decided that effects the entire population, not just the single job, the councils will convene and make the decision together though keep the discussion open until as much of the population is happy with the decision as possible.

With the lack of sexuality, there is only one type of romance within the █████ society which is best translated as soul mates or one’s other half. It is known among everyone that each and every individual in their species has exactly one soul mate. While not considered incomplete if one does not find their soul mate or chooses not to find theirs, they are considered the highest form of connection and special accommodations will be followed when having a soul mate like shared sleeping quarters even if their job specification is different. A soul mate is essentially their other half in which they have a natural drive to be with and spend their life with. Unfortunately not much is known about soul mates aside from knowing there is exactly one other out there for them and that the system is imperfect. Knowing who your soul mate is may be instantaneous upon meeting them or could take time. Like in the case of Liam, one’s soul mate might be of a different species. Sometimes your soul mate may have someone different as their soul mate. And if you lose your soul mate you will never have another. If an individual does lose their soul mate or is unable to be with them for any reason, it will lead to depression, lack of sleep, poor health, and time off from one’s job. While some learn to move on and continue their life, others may request assisted suicide. Due to the seriousness of these relationships, it is considered moral to cause death under this circumstance.

The █████ society is an old and advanced one. Already peaceful by nature, they as a society have learned many lessons and have come to follow many beliefs. Most prominent is their choice to not be the bringers of death except in the above scenarios. While they understand death and killing must happen and will not preach about other species needing to stop killing, they themselves will not cause it. Being carnivores and natural predators, it has caused some problems in the past, but they have since fixed them. For mass consumption their labs have been able to create synthetic meat precisely filled with the amount of nutrients their species needs. There is also the option and importation of creatures that died of natural causes which is also fit into their diet. On their home planet, they ship out the over population of other sentient creatures to other planets to feed different species. Hunting has become a sport or past time where the target is robotics rather than a living creature. While █████ are mostly seen as neutral by other species in the galaxies, in case of a threat, they rely on their cloaking and immobilization technology to either avoid the enemy or move them to a different universe.

I did this to avoid using religion for a Magic!Anon on the blog. Sorry it's HUGE, but you can enjoy my details now. Download for an even closer view so you can see all my mistakes and tell me about them right?

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