Millenia Soldiers Picture

Download for full view. This is a freaking huge picture.

Ah, timewaster, how fun you are. And how you made my eyes feel funny. The basic story behind this was that I had been wanting to do a picture like this for my Millennia Senshi team ever since I had done one for my Mete Senshi. (I also want to do one for my other senshi team, but that’ll come later.) For some strange reason, I was motivated to go ahead and try to do it in class on Wednesday, and so I came home, found some poses, and went for it.

You can say I was entirely too happy when this happened.

So here is my original senshi team, nearly redesigned (sort of). From left to right we have: Sailor Leo, Aegir, Sailor Helios, Sailor Gaea, Sailor Aeolus, Zephyrus (cat), Sailor Iris, and Sailor Draco.

These are their regular uniforms, mostly because I felt I needed to go ahead and design those, since I already have their Millennia uniform’s designed. See, the Millennia uniforms are very similar to Sailor Moon’s Super version, in that, at first, it’s just a normal power-up. That is, they can’t transform directly into it. Eventually, they can, but it takes them awhile to do so. Also, note, Aeolus is the only one who actually has a second form before the Millennia form, which is why her uniform is a little more complex than the others.

The Millennia form is achieved after someone bonds with a Millennia Crystal. A Millennia Crystal is basically a clear crystal in its basic form, and it changes color once it bonds with someone. There’s countless Millennia Crystals in the universe, and no one’s quite sure where they are all located. The appeal in them is that they enhance powers. The villains in this story first introduce the concept to the soldiers at the Academy, and there’s this sudden rush to find them. Of course, this group of students are rushing not for their own sake, but to keep the villains from getting their hands on a Millennia Crystal and bonding with it.

Sailor Leo
Sailor Leo is the youngest member of the team, being only about fourteen and just starting at the Academy. She is the oldest starter at the Academy, and has just discovered her powers. She’s a fairly shy and meek sort of girl, and prone to spastic behaviors. However, when she’s transformed, she’s a different person entirely, confident in herself and her abilities. She gets swept up in this group merely because she is Sailor Draco’s sailor partner.

Him you’ve met before, and he hasn’t changed much. The reason he’s still in his ‘evil’ uniform in this picture is that it does take him awhile the ‘cleanse’ himself. He’s actually inherently ‘evil’, growing bitter at the fact that his family was banished from his planet and kingdom, and forced to live on some other planet (Aeolus). His first act of vengeance when he was released was to go after the people who threw his family out. He was really good friends with Aeolus as a child, and she’s pretty much the only one who can get him to change his ways.

Sailor Helios
Sailor Helios is a hyper girl who seems to be everywhere at once. No one’s quite sure what her story is, other than the fact that, like everyone else, she’s the princess and heir to her planet. There doesn’t seem to be much to her, as she’s just another face in the crowd. No one’s sure how she got involved with this group, other than it seems she forced herself in. No one pays much attention to her, much she seems to be pretty intuitive. Due to the nature of her powers (fire), she can have quite a temper, although it’s rarely seen.

Sailor Gaea
You’ve met her before. Um, I think the only thing I can note about her is the fact that her uniform changed slightly. In that I took out the leggings and made the sneakers black. I’m so creative.

Sailor Aeolus and Zephyrus
….Moving on here…

Sailor Iris
Sailor Iris’ powers mostly deal with the messenger part of the mythology rather than the rainbow, which is why she only has two colors. She comes from a war-torn planet, having a dictator as a father and a fallen princess as a mother. She is like a true-Irian, cheerful and optimistic. Her people believe this is the reason she inherited the powers rather than her older sister. She’s the first to find a Millennia Crystal, which is what she’s holding there. She joins the group because her birthday’s the day after Aeolus’, and they bonded over that fact.

Sailor Draco
Sailor Draco is Sailor Aeolus’ cousin, being Draco’s mother and Aeolus’ father are siblings. She’s pretty much the level head in the group, the voice of reason. Her species are known for their wisdom, so most people look to her, although she’s not really one to know what’s going on all the time. She is considered the second in command of this group, although she’s not sure why. She’s the one Leo turns to the most when she’s having problems.

This turned out surprisingly bright. >.< I just wanted to make a serious effort with this piece, just because I can. I’m happy with the background, although it’s fairly simple. It’s better than my original idea, which was the have them floating in space with their planets.
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