Throne of the Earth Picture

Here's the next throne. Estelle, the Earth goddess, is a lazy and reclusive goddess, choosing to spend her days and nights alone with her priestess, Tartha, in the Crystal Forest. She oversees nature and the circle of life which leads to growth in the planet. Her powers include manipulation of earth, including forms like gemstones and the like, control over plants and the ability to communicate with and control beasts. She also has the usual goddess suite of powers, including teleportation, divine strength, and immortality.

Tartha is her priestess. A stern woman that stands by her goddess and scowls over her laziness, Tartha has been with Estelle for as long as anyone can remember. Aside from her stern attitude, Tartha has a fiercely defensive nature when it comes to the flowers, forests, birds and beasts which she protects. As Estelle's priestess, she gains the ability to summon and manipulate divine gemstones, hundreds of thousands of times denser and harder than diamond, and can turn them into weapons or projectiles.

(PS: went a little different and natural on the coloring for this one. next one will more than likely return to the usual cel shading, but just wanted to experiment. Estelle has always been the oddball goddess i wasn't sure what to do with, so the style reflects that. Enjoy!)
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