Black Lace Agate Picture

Oh my stars I just loved Blue Agate SO MUCH! Her an those Amys are HILARIOUS~! She was like a Camp Councillor and the AMys where girl scounts running a muck!! And I got to thinking if every Diamond has a their own Agate then here is Black Diamond's.

Her Ref.

Full Name: Black Lace Agate
Pronunciation: Bla Ack Lay- SS Egg- eight
Nickname/Alias: Lacy
ID Number: Facet-1k23 Cut-3LP

Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan
Real Age: 189 Earth Years old
Birthday: Late March
Birthplace: Homeworld
Astrological Sign: Ariel
Zodiac Sign: Rat

Species: Gem
Ethnicity: Agate
Blood Type: None
Preferred Hand: Left
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Skin Tone: Light Wolf Grey
Complexion: Fair
Build: A little chubby
Height: 6'10''
Weight: 225lbs
Shoe Size: Size 10 1/2 A
Birthmarks/scars: Not a scratch

Health: Not a scartch
Energy: Low energy.
Memory: She forgets too easy
Senses: She has a good sense of sight like a hawk
Allergies: No Allergies
Handicaps: None
Medication: None.
Phobias: Has a phobia of being shunned from society.
Addictions: None.
Mental Disorders: She has a mild case of mood swings.

Mood: She is usually calm and collected.
Expressiveness: She is very loud and ready to express her feelings to beings she considers less then her.
When Happy: She hums tunes and has a smile to her face.
When Depressed: She will become quick to anger and nit-picky.
When Angry: She will yell and stomp maybe even hurt others.

Wardrobe: She dresses in a traditional Agate suit with Diamond Accents.
Weapon: A Pike
Accessories: None
Grooming: She is always neat and tidy.
Habits and Mannerisms: She has a nervous habit of nail biting.
Scent: She smells like old lady flowers.

Upbringing: She was created on Homeworld for the great and powerful Black Diamond. Agate oversees the servants and workers in the palace. She has served her for thousands of years.

Occupation: Managaer
Work Ethnic: She takes her Job VERY seriously to the point where it is unhealthy.
Rank: She is of very high rank.
Income: Void of money
Funds: Very little to none but can get what she needs.
Prized Possession: Her music box collection

IQ: 180
Education: She has finished higher education levels.
Grade: She never settled for under a A-
Social Stereotype: She was considered one of the popular gems.
Degrees: She had a degree in Gem History and Managment.

Current Residence: Planet Saria
Bosses: Black Diamond
Followers: Lesser Quartz
Heroes: Black Diamond
Rivals: Other Agates

(Uhhh NSFW part)
Lovers: ????.
Marital Status: Taken
Sex Life: ????
Turn-Ons: Huge,
Turn Offs: Pretty much the opposite of turn ons.
Position: Sub?
Fetishes: BDSM
Virginity: ?????

Religion: She is a Lunian
Morals: She believes in Eye for and Eye.
Crime Record: None.
Motivation: She is motivated by praise and admiration.
Philosophy: SHe has a very hard working philosophic look on life. She beilives what you give is what you get.
Traditions: She has begun to partake in Hearts Warming
Superstitions: She believes in bad luck.

Main Goal: Her goal is to please her bosses.
Career: She has had a dream job of becoming a Spaer
Desires: She just wanted to be loved.
Greatest Achievement: Being patted by Black Diamond herself.
Biggest Failure: Mucking up an introduction one time.
Secrets: She secretly likes to watch alien movies and laz about.
Best Memories: Being with her Diamond.
Worst Memories: Being locked in a storage room for five months.

Hobbies/Interests: Movie watcher, and music box maker
Skills/Talents: She has a skill of leading people.
Likes: She loves vacations and relaxing.
Dislikes: Hates incompetent workers.
Sense of Humor: She has a sarcastic and dry sense of humor.
Lures: A good way to lure her is to have a Black Diamond doll under a box with a stick and string. -w-
Soft Spot: She has a soft spot for cats.
Cruel Streak: She is very petty and will belittle other Agates.

Powers/Abilities: She has basic gem powers such as, Shape Shifting, summoning a weapons,
Weaknesses: She is not a very strong fighter.
Extra Anatomy: None

Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Animals: Cats
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Harpies
Favorite Places: The Spa
Favorite Flavors: She loves the taste of bitter dark coffe
Favorite Foods: Licorice
Favorite Drink: Clean Water
Favorite Song: Les Toreadors

Favorite Quotations: "It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all."

Languages: Gem, Human,
Accent: She Speaks with a heavy French Accent
Voice: Hard tone, with a high pich
Speech Impediments: None.
Greetings and Farewells: "Greetings and welcome." and "Farewell and hope to have you back soon."
State of Mind: (How are you Lacy?) "Doing fine. Why are you out of your sector?."
Compliment: "What a shining example of excellence!"
Insult: "You incompetent imbecile!"
Expletive: "Stars Damn it!"
Laughter: She snorts and can't breath.
Signature Quote: "Get back to work or ELSE!"
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