Yggdrasil - Soldier of Midgard Picture

Finally, the start of Savvy's new senshi team. The, uh, main character, Trinity, the 517th Soldier of Midgard.

Why is she not "Sailor" Midgard?
In the Yggdrasil planetary system, when a senshi dies, their star seed is almost instantaneously given to the next conceived child on the home planet (note, there is a difference between conception and birth). Since the conceived child can be either male or female, and Sailor only applies to females, those of Yggdrasil have done away with it, and simply call the senshi the soldier of their respective planets.
517th? 0.o
Basically, she is the 517th carrier of the Midgard star seed. Who the hell keeps track? The soldiers of Asgard and Niflheim, the two oldest senshi, who have never died.
That still seems like an awfully big number...?
Well, Gardiens (people of Midgard) don't live too terribly long (compared to the other planets' races), a mere 75 years, 150-200 for a senshi (remaining in senshi form for long periods of time extend the life of the senshi. The other races, Alfs, Vellirs, and Jotuns live much longer, especially the senshi. The Yggdrasil system is currently into its 91,367th year of having a senshi team.

Midgard is dead center in the nine-planet system. The planets are much closer together than ours in our system. They also rotate around the sun at the same rate in a straight line (this is thanks to the Astral Line...which I'm not gonna explain at this point...mebbe later >.> ). All the planets in the system, in order starting from closest to the sun, are: Asgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Muspellheim, Midgard, Nidavellir, Jotunheim, Svartalheim, and Niflheim (yes, I've changed it since my journal entry, for those that noticed XD ).
The leader of all the senshi is the Soldier of Asgard. Besides Trinity, the newest member of the senshi is the soldier of Muspellheim. The soldier of Niflheim is sealed away on the dead planet, and as-far-as-we-know, only exists to give information to Asgard.

Since this is Trin's picture, I'll go more in-depth about her.
Normally, senshi are scouted within their first few years of life (about the oldest being 8 years before they finally find them, which doesn't happen too often). At 15, Trinity has just been found as the soldier of Midgard (apparently, the soldier was supposed to be 21, so they were looking in the wrong place). As the soldier of midgard, she has power over the element of Gravity, which is a first among the Gardien senshi (normally powers will repeat themselves, or only shift slightly, and normally Midgard has power over water).
Trinity has two older brothers, Dyad and Sol. Sol, she has never met, because he died soon after birth, and Dyad is partially retarded (more like...he's slow, at his current age of 18, his brain functions like that of a 5-6 year old) and slightly autistic. Dyad depends heavily on the presence of Trinity, so when she leaves for Asgard (the main home for Yggdrasil senshi) Dyad was allowed to go with her.
Trinity is shy, and doesn't have much self-confidence. At critical times, she hides away and doesn't face problems, which makes it very difficult for her to be a senshi. She also not happy too often.
Another special thing about Trinity is her eyes. As you may notice, they are rainbow colored. What you can't tell is that the colors are constanting moving around (since it's not animated XD ). Her eyes can view people's auras. There is significance to this, but I'm not telling just yet >.>

gyaa, long description XD
Anywayz, I lurves her, so please don't steal the outfit design, I worked hard on it ;_; you can ask to borrow it >.> mebbe I'll let cha
I also want to thank the 3 people at the ToT forums who gave me color designs (and the 4th who said leave it white XD ). Though I didn't really use any of them, they did influence the colors I eventually chose (I didn't even think of using a warm color for her main color 'til someone suggested it @[email protected] and it looks spiffeh )

Trinity (and her fukuness) (c) Me!
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