Carla Shura Machine Lineart Mark 1 Picture

Brnhildr (Armor Battler)

Well this is my first sketch of Carla’s personal Shura mobile weapon.

Considering how this is sort of a jump on those who view this page wondering what the hell I’m talking about when I mean giving Carla her own Shura god or how she could even get one, I’ll elaborate.

Playing the Original Generation games for as long as I have, it always sort of irked me that Carla never got a machine that was tailor built for Dance. Sure Carla’s combat style puts her on the strict play style that she is primarily a Tanker, but even then this would’ve just meant that her dance and high defense attribute would’ve turned her into a prancing juggernaut of an opponent.

One of my longest running projects was an Fanfic called Endless Frontier: Crimson Skies. It is an side story set on a planet dubbed “Blood Bead” a Shura colony world occupied by ancient Shura 1000 years prior to the OG timeline. Blood Bead was abandoned after the Shura engaged in a conflict that not only recalled all their soldiers to the frontlines, but ended up cutting their population in a war of attrition.

The planet was left unoccupied by Shura forces with slaves that the Shura used for labor and chattel remaining on the world, though due to slaves being kept out of loop of Shura tech and training methods, little to none of the slaves on the planet knew how to use the tech and thus the grand sum of the factories and temples that held ancient Shura Mecha were left to collect dust.

Cue ten centuries later, a young Latin American woman by the name of Carla Borgnine and an Acquaintance Vega Vidar, were transported to the world by means of Vegas abilities after a split second miniscule crisis on Earth.

Due to Blood Beads hostile environment and High gravity, Carla had high difficulty trying to just move about. In addition, Vega had found traces of Shura activity with Vega concluding that the Shura returned to the colony, thus Vega took Carla to an abandoned Shura temple and Began to put Carla through a harsh and strenuous ground up crash course training regimen to not only get Carla to move, but to fight on par with a Shura soldiers.

Due to Carla being a highly energetic and vivacious girl, combined with an abnormally sturdy body, Vega thrashed her around like a ragdoll as a form of her training bulking up her already formidable durability and pushing her activity time to expand her vitality reserves.

Shura Mecha or “Shura Gods” are machines that are fueled not by a conventional generator, but by the operator’s life force (Haki). Even though Retsu (blaze) class low level Shura gods don’t require much life force to commandeer, the Shura God Vega found at the Temple is a Gou (Strength) class. Shura gods of the Gou, Chou (Super), and Ten (Heaven) class require not only an exceptionally high vitality pool, and a set of ritual tests, the aforementioned tasks are so the candidate can be approved by the machine itself, due to the machines being semi sentient.

Vega is not only training Carla to fight Shura hand to hand, but to condition her to pilot a Shura God. The machines have cockpits built with a motion body harness to maneuver based on the pilots own movements. Since Shura are a warrior race, the Shura gods fighting abilities are tailored based on the individual fighter.

Carla’s fighting style is using a combination of acrobatics, Dance, Taekwondo, wrestling, jeetkundo and various other arts, combined with her high durability defense, her Shura God (Being Biomechanical) morphs its body and armor to accommodate her attributes.

Normally, Shura Gods are named after Abrahamic Demons, namely from Ars Goetia. ThIs is probably due to how in eastern mythology “Shura” or Asura which were Gods in the Hindu and Buddhist myths who opposed the ascended Devas, whereas the former beings were entities that had godlike abilities, but were held back from greatness due to their attachment to worldly desires.

One interesting Deviation is the Ialdabaoth, a Shura God piloted by Folka Albark, with the former deriving its name from the Gnostic Demiurge (Creator Entity).

Carla’s Shura god takes on the name Brynhildr, named after a Valkyrie in Norse Mythology. Sort of a nod to Carla’s former mecha Randgrith, also named after the Valkyrie, along with her lover Yuuki Jaggar’s mecha Laz Angriff, as well as the inferred Norse themes in Sengar Zonvolts Dygengaurd (built similar to Odin with Samurai armor) and Ratsel Feinschmekcer’s Aussenseiter (a humanoid super robot that transforms to a steed similar to Slephnir, Odin’s Horse)

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