Nava-Verse Archives #63: Hellbeast Kraetsher Picture

INDIVIDUAL: UNIQUE: Hellbeast Kraetsher, or just Kraetsher, is a monster that is currently and permanently sealed away in suspended animation at an unspecified spot in the deep stone soil beneath the Gomorran Desert Plane. It has been debated for centuries whether he should be classified as a Demon or an Abomination. Kraetsher is a hideous fifty–plus–foot–tall humanoid creature with red skin, a horribly scarred face, a multitude of tangled horns growing out of his head, large, fully moveable tendrils with curled spines at their tops growing out of both of his arms from the elbows, and many–eyed hands with giant pincers and mouths that spit acid, fire, evil goo and other nasty things. Though he cannot talk, his roar is so loud that it can physically blow away objects of up to a moderate size, and he can jump so high that he exits the atmosphere of the planet he is on and enters space, where he can breathe and move freely at speeds high enough that he can easily travel to other planets. His approximate durability value is over 50,000, and even this is very low in proportion to his level of strength and destructive power. Kraetsher is just as dangerous and vicious as he looks. He attacks and kills not for food but rather because he has an instinctive, perverse need to constantly kill that he cannot control, and indeed does not appear to ever eat anything at all; violence is quite literally what sustains him. Yet despite acting out of instinct rather than deliberate malice, Kraetsher is not just a mindless brute either, for he is actually very intelligent and is known to pursue and search for specific targets tenaciously once he has made the decision to kill them, much like certain predators do with particularly desirable prey. This supports the theory that committing acts of violence is like eating for him.

Hellbeast Kraetsher is one of the oldest demons in existence, as old as the Four Dark Lords themselves. In fact, he is speculated to be the very first spawn of Dairckazz, preceding the Dragons. Unlike most demons, he was not always bound to the Underworld. Rather, he began existence, hundreds of years before Age 0 Relative, as a single cell inside the core of a now long–since forgotten planet in the Omega Octant. There, Kraetsher incubated and gradually grew to his current form before gaining consciousness and finding himself trapped, unable to move. Desperate to escape, he mustered up all the power he could and released a burst of energy that set the monstrous monster free and inadvertently destroyed the planet and all those living there. This was one of only two known destructions of an inhabited planet in the history of the Prime Galaxy, the other destroyed planet being Etigna. However, while most of the species from Etigna lived on as there were members of them on other planets at the time of its destruction, all the creatures from the planet that Kraetsher burst from, and whose name isn't even remembered, went completely extinct because this happened long before humanoids invented spaceflight. And the damage caused by the monster did not stop there, as afterwards Kraetsher immediately began floating through space in pursuit of the violence he was by nature hopelessly addicted to. Fortunately for his would–be victims, in creating the blast that had destroyed the planet he grew inside of, the demon had permanently drained the majority of his energy. He could never again cause a blast anywhere near as powerful, nor could he ever destroy another planet (not that he would even if he could, since he would consider that unsatisfying, cowardly and too easy), yet he was still a force to be reckoned with and used his remaining power to its fullest, going from planet to planet and killing thousands at a time. The (at the time) primitive and underdeveloped humanoids stood no fighting chance against his phenomenal strength, and even if they had been able to overpower him he would have been able to escape by jumping into space. These rampages continued for several cycles, with Kraetsher killing over a million additional sentient humanoids in total. To this day, no single being in the history of the Nava–Verse has been responsible for as many deaths as Kraetsher, though there are beings that would be capable of killing more if they were unleashed in the Prime Galaxy.

The Heavens had hoped that the mortals of the Prime Galaxy would be able to deal with Kraetsher without divine intervention. They were sadly wrong. Eventually, and not a moment too soon, the Four Heavenly Lords united their wills together to call upon God the Father Himself, and He answered their collective call by creating Stusthara, a majestic flying angel made in the image of one of God's most beautiful creations from the time of Earth, but infinitely larger and more powerful. Stusthara was sent to the Prime Galaxy where she confronted Kraetsher. The details of their battle have been lost to history, but needless to say Stusthara won, however she found that there was no apparent way to permanently kill Kraetsher even when his body had been totally exhausted, and so she was forced to carry the monster down to the Underworld through the Lower Dimensional Rift, where she buried him in the ground in the Gomorran Desert and, using all of her strength, cast a spell upon the ground where Kraetsher was buried that would prevent him from ever breaking free of it. Hellbeast Kraetsher was and continues to be, for all intents and purposes that concern anyone else, dead. Satanists and Genomists, however, claim that he will one day somehow rise from his allegedly not–so–eternal imprisonment to wreak havoc on the Prime Galaxy once again, having become even more violent than he was before from the insanity brought on by millennia of isolated imprisonment. But they have no evidence to support this claim, so we can safely say that that will never happen. Right?

The mutant Demioid known as Kortshez of the Dynamo Legion worshipped Hellbeast Kraetsher, believing the monster to be "the ultimate warrior" and believing himself to be the chosen champion or even an avatar of the monster. It was obvious, however, that he was just delusional and that this was false.

Due to Kraetsher's extreme infamy, he is one of a handful of beings that have been labelled as the "Fifth Dark Lord".
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