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Eeeeee, here he is!
"The Dream Catcher"

Name: Jarrett Neil Williams.

Age: 23

Height: 6'2

Appearance: Jarrett has shaggy, redish-brown hair.
He has smokey green eyes and average English
skin tone. He usually wears fancy-ish vests with a bow,
a button up shirt, dress pants, and sneakers. He
has on earring in his left ear, and he wears black
gloves. (This is his more 'casual wear'.)
He has a dreamcatcher tattoo on his abdomen,
and a few scars scattered across his body from
his victims fighting back.

Extra info: He lives in Beaulieu, England. His mother, father,
and two brothers are alive. His brothers love him,
they just don't understand why he doesn't like
sports as much as they do. Jarrett works out as much
as he can, he lifts weights, he goes to the gym,
anything to make him stronger. Because of the dream catcher,
he has grow a slight interest in Native American culture.
He finds their mythology and culture very interesting.

Status: Alive

Weapon(s): Usual garden tools, scissors, pliers, tiny saw, a spade, a shovel, .
He is also very strong. (He uses his hands.)

Personality: During the day he seems like an average young man,
his kind eyes and soft grip makes people feel at ease.
He loves to bake cookies and brownies, as well as cakes.
Jarrett is a gentleman, he holds the door open for others,
helps people out, says his 'please' and 'thank yous'. Jarrett
loves the outdoors and nature, especially the landscapes.
However, he doesn't exactly like people that much.
He dislikes them because they are destroying his beloved Earth.
He doesn't understand how some people just don't care what they are doing
to it, how they are making animals extinct. It was his dream since
a small child to protect the Earth, and that is exactly what he
will do. At all costs. He is kinda obsessive, unhinged from reality,
quick to anger, and a slight crybaby at times.

Killing method(s): He mainly uses his garden tools to kill others,
he stalks them for a few days to see if they are accidental
Earth harmers or just don't care about the environment at all.
Jarrett usually stalks them at night and waits for them to go outside, then he
sneaks up from behind them and stabs him with
of of his sharper garden tools. (Like the scissors or saw, usually
stabs them in the neck.) He then puts them in his wheelbarrow,
dumps dirt over the body, and hulls the thing over to his garden at home.
(He targets people who live near his house so this step
is a lot easier.) He then buries them, you know,
human bodies make great fertilizer! (According to Jarrett.)

Likes: He likes everything that has to do with animal and plant
life, cookies, tea, kisses, cargo pants, loose shirts, hiking boots,
he likes his hair to be played with, dancing, building his strength, and fancy suits.

Dislikes: Most human beings, peanuts (he's allergic), soup (he dislikes the consistency),
Smile Dog (that dog scares the crap out of him),
mean people, weeds, pests, coffee, and his mother. (Will be explained why later.)

Fears: Smile Dog (Does he really need to explain why?),
his dreams will be crushed, the planet dying,
his parents not accepting him for who he is, people finding him
crazy for what his dreams are, more 'pests' in the 'garden'.

Backstory: As a young boy, Jarrett was always fascinated
by the outdoors. He loves how clouds were formed,
how animals interacted with each other, how
every animal was different. He loved the trees,
the water, how the weather changes. On his 10th birthday,
his mother and father gave him a dreamcatcher.
He was confused at first, he didn't know the importance of
this.... 'dreamcatcher'. His mother explained to him
how dreamcatchers catch the nightmares and allows
the person have good dreams. Jarrett was thrilled,
he said he dreamt of the Earth growing and flourishing,
of him protecting the Earth. His parents laughed,
they found him so 'cute' on how he loved the Earth.
As Jarrett got older, he saw how cruel the humans
were to the planet, how they trashed it and cut everything
down. He watched in horror as forests were growing
smaller and smaller, how animals were becoming more scarce
to find. One night he was walking around in the park after gardening
in the public garden (So he had his toolbelt and wheelbarrow)
and he saw two college boys carving cuss words into a tree.
The boys were obviously drunk, this action made Jarrett very upset.
He tried to politely talk to the boys, tell them to stop. They just laughed
at him and called him a "Tree hugger." He got so upset
he grabbed the pliers from his toolbelt and started to mercilessly beat one boy to death.
Since the two were drunk and caught by surprise, they were
slow to respond. Jarrett quickly killed the other by stabbing him in the stomach and dragged them behind
a bush. He was hyperventilating and starting to cry, he has never thought about punching another person before,
let alone kill someone! His entire body was shaking with remorse as the weight of the situation sat on his shoulders.
Finally, he knew what he to do. He put one boy in the wheelbarrow and
brought him to his house, then went and got the other one. After he buried them
and cleaned up, he went to bed.That night, he made a decision. His dream WOULD
come true, at all costs.

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