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NAME: Tyrannagon

SPECIES: Tyrannosaurus Dragonis (T.rex/Dragon Hybrid)

AGE: Unknown

HEIGHT: Unknown

WEIGHT: Unknown

FAMILY: Tyrannosaurus Genus (Near-Extinct)
Jasmine O'Connor (Mate)
Tyran (Offspring)

PERSONALITY: Tyrannagon's personality has shown to vary in different situations. In general, Tyrannagon is shown as been friendly, with a curious mind towards humanity following his friendship with Concordia, an extraterrestrial human from Xelziek. However, despite this curiosity he stays clear of human populaces with rare exceptions, due to 'understanding' that they will only fear and attack him. Tyrannagon is shown as having simple animal cunning and instinct, but other instances suggest he possesses intelligence that may be equivilant to or beyond that of both humans and dragons alike - seen as he was hybridised from the DNA of the finest dragon specimens, it's not too much of a stretch to believe.

When it comes to powers and abilities, Tyrannagon has the full package: Incredible strength, speed, power, defence and agility despite his size. He is also amphibious, possesses possibly some of the strongest psychic powers of any animal - dragon or otherwise - and can fly both within the Earth's atmosphere and through space. His top speed during flight is yet to be determined.
Furthermore, Tyrannagon has proved himself a powerful fighter, again demonstrating simple viciousness and brute force but also strategy and problem-solving. This was perhaps best evidenced during the Dragon/Demon War, when Tyrannagon alone destroyed millions of the deadly dragon/demon hybrids known as the 'Furies' before then destroying the King Fury despite suffering severe injury. Following the return of Tritania, Tyrannagon has been gaining all new powers and abilities, with some believing he is the 'Omnipotent', written of in the ancient legends of Tritania.

Tyrannagon does has several relationships with numerous people and species. These include with the Dinosaurs (who Tyrannagon saw as been a guardian to following his hybridisation), Dragonkind (as they are his only true family group with the near-extinction of the dinosaurs), the Xelziaks and Earth-United. Notable individuals include:

Concordia, a now deceased Xelziak warrior who befriended and fought alongside Tyrannagon against The Eternal Darkness.

Lut and her sisters, human-dragon hybrids who Tyrannagon saved and fought alongside.

Master Takeda, who met Tyrannagon astrally during the hybrid's hibernation and later fought alongside him.

Jasmine O'Connor, a shapeshiting alien who became Tyrannagon's mate temporarily and gave him a child.

Tyran, Tyrannagon's baby son.

BlackDragonScars, one of the few who Tyrannagon greatly respects following his own trials and achievements.

Pacem the Dragon God, who helped Tyrannagon due to the pain he was suffering following his hybridisation.

As for Tyrannagon's enemies, he has fought many. His most violent enemy is often believed to be the King Fury, his most frequent is Majestic and their many weapons of destruction, while his most powerful foe is The Eternal Darkness.


1. Creation and Rebellion

His story begins 65 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period, when the world was dominated by Dinosaurus and other giant reptiles, like the flying Pterosaurs and the massive marine reptiles that ruled the oceans. Among the dinosaurs and the other species on Earth, however, some creatures not of Earth origin had arrived on the planet - the dragons. Back then, Dragons were already a very old species, in terms of how long they had been around for. They had mastered powerful magic and learned how to control the very energy of the universe itself, while been very wise and powerful reptiles. A small group of them made their home on Earth, beginning to create their own realms for future generations of their species. Unlike the humans who would later rule the planet, Dragons made sure their actions did not do anything to harm the spirit of the Earth.
While creating their new realm, Dragon 'scientists' decided to explore this new world and look for potential specimens to learn about. As they search far and wide, they found an oppotunity too great to pass up - a creature that would later be known as the most infamous predator of the Dinosaur Age - Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The T.rex that they had come across was immobile, after been injured while attacking a Triceratops. Having lost the use of its legs, the creature was unable to hunt and was now stuck. Transporting the wounded animal, the Dragons decided to turn the T.rex into a dragon-hybrid, as they had done with other species beforehand. With DNA selected from the finest dragons, the hybridisation of the T.rex began. What happened next surpassed all expectations.
The Tyrannosaur's size increased dramatically as its body position altered to a new upward stance, its scales toughened and turned jet balck in colour, the creatures muscle increased expodentially with its small two finger arms becoming muscular limbs with dextrous, metal-clawed hands. Its teeth changed from bone to unbreakable crystal with a magical energy core. These same crystals also formed a row of spikes along the hybrid's back while a three-finger claw appeared on the end of the creature's tail, with retractable metal blades emerging from the tips. On the centre of its head was a large diamond-shaped crystal while two silver antlers emerged from the back. What was most striking of all, however, was two growths on its back lined with numerous crystals in place of wings. All in all, the creature was a phenomenon in its own right. The dragons gave it the name Tyrannosaurus Dragonis, although some of the dragons nicknamed the hybrid 'Tyrannagon' (a combination of the words Tyrannosaurus and Dragon).

Further tests of the creature showed that the creature was incredibly intelligent with an increase in brain size and capacity, with it now possessing psychic powers greater then anything ever found before. The crystals on its back growths, spikes and teeth were shown as been used to channel magic, elemental, psychic and even cosmic energy. Furthermore, the creature's hide proved to be resiliant to all elemental and magical attacks, no matter the type or magnitude. It was hard for them to believe what they had created. However, there were downsides:
The creature proved to be nearly uncontrollable, with nearly all attempts at pacifying him proving futile as the creature did not speak their language and it's immunity to magic and elemental attacks made things more difficult. Although not immune to physical attacks, this just angered the creature more, with the dragons finding to their amazement and horror that Tyrannagon was evolving at a faster rate, overcoming their various attempts to control him. Eventually, Tyrannagon broke free in a rebellion against the dragons who had made him a hybrid. The dragons fled as nothig they could do themselves could stop him. Tyrannagon pursued them, however, and the dragons turned to their last resort - prayer.
It proved to be their saviour, as the Dragon God Pacem appeared in Earth's skies. Tyrannagon looked with curiosity. Pacem then smiled and lay his hand on the dinosaurs head. Within moments, Tyrannagon became calm. Pacem revealed to the dragons that they had not healed the T.rex before the hybridisation, furthering the creature's agony and causing it to become uncontrollable. Furthermore, no creature whether it was a hybrid or purebreed would be used by dragonkind as a slave, weapon or otherwise. The dragons apologised to Pacem and to Tyrannagon, offering the hybrid to come and live them in their new realm when it was completed. However, Tyrannagon refused and chose to live with the dinosaurs he had lived with his whole life. The dragons and Tyrannaon then went their separate ways, while Pacem returned to the stars, smiling with the knowledge Dragonkind was evolving and learning.

2. The Eternal Darkness and the End of the Dinosaur Age

Several years on from his creation, Tyrannagon had travelled across the world. Learning and discovering with new-found curiosity, the largest predator on Earth was in good health and feeding well. With his territory covering the entire planet, there was a regular supply of food and more enough to support him. However, deep down in his body there was a call for something else that could not be provided - a mate, with the need to continue his race. Unfortunatley, the dragons who had created him had no intention of creating another and so for the forseeable future, Tyrannagon was the only one of his kind - alone on this small backwater planet, looking sadly up to the stars each night.
However, something in that sparkly night was coming to Earth and would bring some comfort to him, while another earthbound entity would bring nothing but destruction to his home world.

In space, a large extraterrestrial craft deployed a small ship to Earth's surface in the land that would later be called Montana. Onboard the mothership and the small craft it had sent were a group of extraterrestrial humans known as the Xelziaks, who specialised in hunting and combat. However, in this current time only the men were allowed the honour of becoming soldiers, while the women were simply taught to hunt and serve the men. On the surface, three Xelziaks emerged from the ship. Two of them, Premeri'as and Imperi'os, were male soldiers who were here to hunt 'exotic game' while the third, Concordia, was a woman who had simply been dragged along.
While the two soldiers headed off into the forests between the barren ash fields to hunt, Concordia was left on her own. Taking out a small flute she carried with her, she began to play a tune that was heard by many animals, not least of which was Tyrannagon himself. Seeking out the strange music, it suddenly stopped and was followed by a scream. Tyrannagon eventually found the source as Concordia was running away from a group of raptors. Tyrannagon immediately scooped her up from the ground before scaring off her pursuers. Flying with her back to her ship, Tyrannagon showed curiosity in this strange creature, while Concordia showed the same.
As they arrived back, Premeri'as and Imperi'os reappeared (having heard her screams) and prepared to open fire on Tyrannagon despite Concordia's pleas. However, something else caught their attention that was much more dangerous.

In space, an asteroid 15km across and travelling 20 times faster than a speeding bullet sped past the Mothership before striking the Gulf of Mexico, with the energy released from the impact been greater then a billion atomic bombs. As the light from the impact faded and the shockwaves arrived, the trio of Xelziaks immediatley signalled an abort message before preparing for an emergency takeoff. As the ship took off, Tyrannagon was already airbourne and fleeing the area as the blast front caused by the meteor surged over the landscape, demolishing everything in its path. Both Tyrannagon and the Xelziaks outran the blast front, only to be faced with a new danger as a rain of molten rock began to fall out of the darkening sky. Despite attempts to dodge it, the ship was hit and spun out of control, crashing into the ground. Tyrannagon landed alongside to check if the group were okay, but only Concordia had survived the crash and had suffered a broken leg.
Using his powers, Tyrannagon healed her and pulled her from the wreck only for the two of them to witness something otherworldly. In the sky, an evil face appeared and a terrifying laugh filled the air. The asteroid that had impacted served as a prison for an evil entity trapped before the creation of the universe, referred to by the followers of the light as 'The Eternal Darkness', who had now finally managed to escape. Using his power, Tyrannagon made a Xelziak soldier's armour for Concordia before them protecting them as the Eternal Darkness tried to destroy them.

With its magic having no effect in destroying the hybrid, the entity took on a physical form and the trio began one of the most incredible battles in history. Eventually the Eternal Darkness was defeated, with Tyrannagon roaring in triumph. Placing Concordia onto his back and carrying the wreck of the ship, Tyrannagon flew into space and returned her to the mothership. She said her goodbye to him and thanked him for saving her life, despite not knowing if he could understand her or not, before he flew back down to Earth and the mothership departed for home.
Pacem appeared and, with the aid of the dragons on Earth, reimprisoned the Eternal Darkness before placing him outside of the universe and in the hands of the Disciples of the Light (extra-universal entities).
Tyrannagon, meanwhile, used his powers to save a number of dinosaurs from the great extinction that would certainly follow from the damage done to the planet. After this was done, the hybrid dinosaur entered the ocean before settling down in an underwater cave and encasing himself in crystal, putting himself in a state of suspended animation as he waited for Earth to heal herself.
The dragon's realm gateway prevented the great extinction from affecting them, allowing them to survive. On the Xelziak homeworld, Concordia's actions had all been recorded and finally brought change, allowing women to be trained as soldiers as well as men. Furthermore, she went down in their history as been the first dragon-rider.
Soon after these events, the Xelziaks and Dragonkind would form an alliance with each other that, millions of years later, would be honoured with one of the greatest wars ever known, that would also see Tyrannagon's return.

3. The Great Dragon/Demon War

In the Middle Ages, the Great Demon Gorndaccon declared war on Earth's Dragon Realms. In the realm of Dragonia, the United Dragon Council called upon the aid of all their allies, regardless of their species, in order to repel this great menace.
Unfortunatley, despite the great efforts the war was not going well at all for Dragonkind and their allies. Gorndaccon had created a dragon/demon hybrid, nicknamed 'The Furies' after the monsters of Greek Mythology. Attacking in swarms of thousands as backup or the first assault of the great legions of evil, Dragonkind was been pushed back and losing ground fast against the deadly beasts, and the council was looking for every opportunity they had to tip the tide of the war before it was too late. It was at this point that Master Takeda (a human/dragon hybrid) and Archan'ra (a legendary xelziak warrior) approached the council with an idea - locate and awaken Tyrannagon!
Despite the skepticisms, the council agreed they had no choice. After managing to locate the creature underwater, another human/dragon hybrid called Melindra was sent with a small xelziak force to awaken him. Using the same tune played by Concordia all those years ago, the crystal surrounding Tyrannagon's body shattered and the hybrid dinosaur rose once again.
Using telepathy to show what was happening, Tyrannagon agreed to help and was placed on the Dragon's frontline.
As news came of a village under mass demonic attack, Tyrannagon and a combined force of Dragons and Xelziak Warriors was dispatched. At first, Tyrannagon was left as backup while the dragons and their allies aided in the evacuation and battling of the demon army. As it looked like the dragons would score a victory, however, the sky turned red as millions of Furies emerged from the storm. It seemed hopeless that Tyrannagon could do any more then what the dragons themselves had done, but as the Hybrid Tyrannosaur answered the Furies challenge, what happened next shocked everyone.

Tyrannagon battled the Furies with unrelenting power, swiftly altering his tactics of battle to stop them from adapting and capitalising. The beasts fell from the sky like flies, torn apart and with no mercy. In the space of 15 minutes, the ground was covered with the Furies blood and flesh, while the dragon armies, their allies and the thousands they had evacuated cheered. Suddenly, the furies' bodies turned to dark energy before floating into the sky. There, like the Grim Reaper descending on a forsaken soul, was the legendary King of the Furies.
Larger, more dangerous and with the added power of its millions of brethren, the beast roared its own challenge to the dragons, which Tyrannagon fearlessly answered it, and the two beasts began battle.
Tyrannagon was tired after fighting the millions of smaller furies, but the positive energy from his allies as they hope and prayed for his victory gave him a boost that rivaled the King of the Furies immense power boost. After several long minutes of bloodshed and violence, the lifeless body of the Furies' King fell to the war-torn ground as Tyrannagon, battered and bleeding himself, roared in triumpth followed by the roars and cheers of his allies.
This victory came at a price. Tyrannagon was exhausted and badly injured with his left arm ripped off, some of his teeth and back spikes missing, blinded in his right eye and flesh barely hanging onto his body. Slowly, the dinosaur king trudged into the ocean to return home and enter hibernation while his body healed from the extensive damage. His destruction of the Furies, however, tipped the balance of power to Dragonkind, who with the help of their allies would win the war and imprison Gorndaccon. A statue of Tyrannagon was erected in Dragonia as a tribute to their ally, who was presumed dead after they were unable to locate him.

4. Return and Battle with Majestic

Despite his apparent death, there were numerous brief sightings by humanity of Tyrannagon around the world during the 1900's and 2000's - some of which occurred in the Bermuda Triangle - but nothing substantial was ever uncovered. Attempts to find the 'monster' also proved futile, with numerous explainations as to what the it was. The best recorded sighting was in Australia, but was instead accredited to been a sighting of the cryptid known as the Burrunjor (which is actually a member of the Tyrannosaur family group that Tyrannagon saved during the great extinction). The truth was, Tyrannagon had survived and healed, now living mainly in the oceans and staying clear of humanity due to 'understanding' they would only fear and attack him. However, he would indeed venture onto land again to aid another dragon hybrid and her family.

In 2011 in Mexico, Mexico's Majestic Institute set out to try to capture the human-dragon hybrid Lut and her family. After seemingly managing to capture her and her family, the battle is interrupted by Tyrannagon, who frees Lut. Despite the large number of Majestic soldiers and weapons, Tyrannagon destroyed the attacking force. However, Lut's sisters had been kidnapped by Majestic Agents. Not willing to let her sisters be killed or used for whatever evil experiments Majesic had in mind, Lut transformed into her dragon form before both herself and Tyrannagon attacked Mexico's Majestic Institute. Lut changed back to a human form and infiltrated the facilty hile Tyrannagon battled the soldiers outside. Lut managed to find and free her sisters before coming face-to-face with General Markus Striker. Angry with him for kidnapping her siblings, Lut fought him viciously and defeated him but was unable to bring herself to kill him. Instead she abandoned him as Tyrannagon totally destroyed the institute, before carrying Lut and her sisters back home. Once back, Lut and her family thanked Tyrannagon for saving them before he once again flew off into the sky.
Despite the destruction of the institute, however, it is revealed that General Markus teleported away before it was blown up. Furthermore, he had successfully retrieved Lut's D.N.A for 'Experiment 862' and another Top-Secret Project. With his mission ultimatley declared a success, Markus added Tyrannagon to Majestic's hitlist before turning his attention to another hybrid Majestic wanted - BlackDragonScars.

5. Earth-United and a New Legacy

In the year 2012, and 4 months after helping Lut and her family, Tyrannagon found himself constantly fending off more attacks from various Majestic Institutes around the world (most notably from the U.K). As time passed, Tyrannagon found himself been 'called' by Concordia's tune. Following it, the search led him to the Earth-United Organisation in Japan. Jasmine O'Connor talked to Tyrannagon telepathically and offered him shelter, protection from Majestic and something he has always wanted - a child. Tyrannagon agreed to this, so Jasmine shapeshifted herself into a female version of Tyrannagon's species. The two mated, before Jasmine later gave birth to an egg. After this, she changed herself back to normal. Tyrannagon gently picked up the egg in his claws and took his unhatched offspring to a new home in the Japan Trench, where a cavern had been built for him by Earth-United. While there, Earth-United hacked into Majestic's computer systems and remove Tyrannagon (as well as numerous others) from the wanted lists, helping to keep him safe.
Some time ago, Earth-United reported that Tyrannagon has been collecting food for his offspring and the egg had now finally hatched. The baby Tyrannagon, simply named Tyran, is a healthy male and is already been taught how to hunt and use its abilities.

6. The Return of Tritania and the Legend of the 'Omnipotent'

Some time on from the birth of his son, Tyrannagon was called upon for assistance by Jasmine and Earth-United. BlackDragonScars had recieved a message from the ancient 'lost world' of Tritania - a planet where Dragonkind took their first steps and evolved before looking for other worlds to colonise, one of them being Earth.
Xrystina, a member of the 'Earth United Elite' was sent by BlackDragonScars to gather the United Dragon Council and enlist the help of Earth-United, with it been decided to use The Astral - a spacecraft given as a gift to Dragonkind by their allies, the Xelziaks - as a platform to bring Tritania back into the universe from the 'dead dimension' it had been trapped in. To assist BlackDragonScars in this most delicate and important of missions, Jasmine called upon Tyrannagon's assistance.
Tyrannagon helped power a portal to allow BlackDragonScars to return from Tritania as well as intially helping to power to portal for the return of the planet. With the interruption of Majestic forces, Tyrannagon led an assault with the aid of Xelziak warriors to repel the attackers in a pitched battle in space. Despite one transport craft managing to board the Astral with a legion of Majestic Forces, Tyrannagon returned to the ship to continue the battle.

The battle that followed was short as the legion was defeated by Xrystina and Xelziak Forces onboard, while Tyrannagon, Earth-United Elite member Mysterio and the Spirit of Master Takeda battled a DSX-1000 'DragonSlayer'. Although Mysterio was injured during the battle, the DSX-1000 was destroyed by the alliance of the trio. Meanwhile, the return of Tritania was successful with the planet settled in Earth's orbit but on the opposite side of the Sun.
Following the return of Tritania, however, something else has been happening to Tyrannagon. Due to the organic Tritanian Pacemstone in his forehead - caused during his creation 65 million years ago - he is now gaining all new powers and abilities at a rapid rate, which is covering all effects and countermeasures. It is predicted Tyrannagon may gain unlimited abilities with perfect mastery of how to use them. ([link], [link]) According to a prophecy within the vaults of Tritanian history, a legend tells of the 'Omnipotent' - a dragon, pure blood or hybrid - who will ultimately become the defender of all life in the universe as well as influence the fates of 5 other dragons known as the 'Lights of Pacem'...


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