Come Into My Dream Picture

OMG It's finally done....~! I've been working on this picture for a whole week now and lemme tell you... it's quite big. The scanner cut off an inch of the picture on each side (cuz the paper I used was actually too big to fit into the darn thing) and took a lot of maneuvering to get both of the characters in the shot.

So lemme tell ya a little something about these peepz. (haha, get it? "peepz"? cuz they are birds? *is shot*)

These are my characters Ra'Ati and Hathorath - two beings of an alien race I created called Devira. They're based off of the Egyptian Gods Ra and Hathor (or perhaps they are one in the same...).
The Devira are mostly a spiritual and tribal people that distance themselves from the other races that inhabit their planet.

Ati is the leader "Ra" of his tribe after his father, the previous one, passed on. He is young and bit unexperinced though, which causes many of his family and friends to believe another would be much more suitable for his position. He is not stern like his father was and is very open to the idea of communicating to the other species of the planet. He is laid-back and a good listener - preferring diplomatic approaches over violence.
His design is based off a hawk.

Hathorath is one of Ati's good friends since they were hatchlings and has become his mate. She, unlike many others, understands him and knows that he's a great leader. She still shows concern for his ideals however - being a victim of an ambush from one of the neighboring species called the Chamechs (which are basically cybernetic monsters).
Her design is based off a sparrow.

The background of this picture is done in markers and colored pencils, while the characters are done in watercolor and ink.

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