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In the year 2345 a starteling discovery was made below the surface of Venus; a colossal 3 headed dragonlike creature was found in a coma-like state inside a massive cavern filled the the ruins of an ancient civilization. Under the utmost secrecy, the EOU hired private corporations to send teams to recover samples of this ancient beast as well as relics from the city from which it's body lay at rest apon. The teams returned with a plethora of tissue samples, technological relics and other things from within what was essencially a "Cave of Wonders". The EOU's biological warfare division had been wating for an oppertunity like this, and immediatly got to work on crerating a bio weapon out of these cells. The creature's form would be heavly based on the monster found in the cave, and would be labeled "King Ghidorah" after a mythological dragon said to bring ruin to entire worlds. Little did they know, the beast whos flesh they stole was infact King Ghidorah. Teleporting King Ghidorah back in time to the year 1945 and burying it underground, the Futurians would wait until the time is right to unleash their monster...

In the year 2012, a year after Mechagodzilla had been defeated, sightings of UFOs have plagued the world. The nations feared that Mechagodzilla's makers where launching a full scale invasion. However all these assumptions where proven false when the so-called UFO touched down outside of Washington DC. The craft was quickly surrounded by military personell who demanded the owners of the craft to reveal themselves. And so they did, but their apperance baffeled them all: They where not alien, but human. The leader of the group, Chuck, quickly explained that they where Futurians, who where essencially people from the future who where with a pro-earth organization called EUO and that the "UFO" was actually a massive time displacement device.

The Futurians had come with a message of the utmost concern: In the years to come, Godzilla would gradually increase in power until he is capable of wiping out the entire planet clean of life. Ther solution: Use their monster King Ghidorah to destroy Godzilla before it can reach this state of critical mass. The US military reluctaintly accepted this offer and appearing seemingly out of nowhere, King Ghidorah hovered above the Futurian mothership awaiting his maker's commands. All that needed to be done now was to wait for a sighting of Godzilla so King Ghidorah may be sent to do battle. The next morning Godzilla was sighted off the coast of San Francisco. King Ghidorah was immediatly sent to intercept. Flying at supersonic speeds, King Ghidorah was escorted by a squadron of F-22 Raptors in order to increase the chanse of King Ghidorah's success.

Arriving in a matter of hours, King Ghidorah immediatly engaged Godzilla from the sky, the 3 headed beast's Gravity Beams ravaging the smaller Godzilla with ease. Ghidorah landed and took the battle to close quarters where here it too hads the advantage. King Ghidorah thrashed Godzilla with ease, using it's size and strength to dominate the fight. Godzilla however refused to die, with each blow Ghidorah landed Godzilla kept coming.
King Ghidorah's escort of F-22s engaged Godzilla, distracting him long enough for Ghidorah to land a massive blow to Godzilla's head.

The massive reptillian beast collapsed almost instantly. Back at the Futurian Mothership, Chuck reported that Godzilla's vitals had flatlined, and that King Ghidorah had done it's job. Almost immediatly after, Chuck informed the scientists and General McCarthy of their true intentions: With Godzilla no longer a factor, the Futurians could now rise to hold absolute power over Earth, with King Ghidorah as their sword. Grabbing Godzilla's seemingly lifeless body with all 3 heads, Ghidorah flew the dinosaur several miles out into the Pacific ocean before dumping the body which plunged into it's watery grave. In reality however, Chuck had disabled Godzilla's vital monitor to further convince that the creature was dead. Godzilla was infact very much alive, but hanging on by a mere thread. His bones broken and his life slowly fading, Godzilla lay at the bottom of the Pacific seemingly hopeless.

Meanwhile the Futurians used King Ghidorah as their workhorse, destroying whatever city they desired like a mindless puppet. Military actions against King Ghidorah failed miserably afterall, if Godzilla couldnt stop Ghidorah, what hope did they have? Radical ideas where thrown around as to how to destroy the monster and in effect the Futurians. One such idea was to revive Godzilla. At first the idea was shunned, explaining that a revived, powered up Godzilla would be far more dangerous that King Ghidorah. At this point though, they where desperate enough to try anything. And so, the US military send a single Los Angeles class nuclear submarine to seek out Godzilla and revive it using a torpedo loaded with a powerful radioactive isotope which would give Godzilla the nessisary boost he needed to fight. Arriving at Godzilla's location, the sub fired it's "Rejuvination Torpedo" at Godzilla. It's effects where almost instant, Godzilla's wounds began to heal faster than before and soon the mighty beast rose once more!

However Godzilla wanted more, and immediatly set his eyes on the nuclear submarine which had saved him from the brink of death. In a violent outburst, Godzilla lashed out at the sub, tearing it apart and absorbing it's nuclear core. This additonal boost of radioactive materiel caused Godzilla to increase exceptionally in both size and power. Revived and violently angry to say the least, Godzilla immediatly set out to find King Ghidorah and spill it's blood.

Godzilla later surfaced near Wasaka bay, much to the Futurian's surprise. Not wasting a second, King Ghidorah was sent to kill this revived Godzilla. Arriving in Wasaka bay, King Ghidorah touched down and made the Earth beneath him tremble, Godzilla was unintimidated by this petty creature and immediatly attacked with it's Atomic beam. Beleiving Godzilla to be the same as when he last fought him, Ghidorah attempted to tank the blast but was promptly knocked on it's back by the sheer power of the beam. Struggling to get back up, Godzilla fired again this time aiming for Ghidorah's middle neck. The blast succeeded in blasting off Ghidorah's middle neck, crimson blood staining the grass and trees around him. With a suddent boost of energy, Ghidorah attempted to flee, taking to the skies towards the sea.

With near marksman like accuracy, Godzilla took out both of King Ghidorah's wings and caused the two headed dragon to plummet into the depths. However the radiation boost administered to Godzilla not only increased his size and power, it made him more aggressive! Setting out towards Osaka, the JSDF could to nothing but watch as Godzilla set off to his destination.

Emmy however, proposed an idea: ressurect King Ghidorah to fight Godzilla!

Name: King Ghidorah

Height: 94 meters

Weight: 50,000 metric tons

Origin: Unknown mutation

Manufacturer: Futurian

First seen: April 15th, 2012, Washington DC

Last Seen: May 4th, 2012, Wasaka Bay


- Flight at supersonic speeds

- Edowed with strengh and stamina that surpasses Godzilla's

- 3 heads which can spew a powerful lightning-like blast of energy which explodes on contact.

- Constricting necks

- Scaly hide is incredibly tough and can shrug off most forms of punishment

- Tips of tails are equipped with bony clubs
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