Peri -Peridot OC- Picture

It's a Mew Mew Kissy Cuite cosplay.

Full Name: Peridot Facet-8I5P Cut-2AB
Pronunciation: Pair-Eh-D-Ah-0 T
Nickname/Alias: Peri
ID Number: Facet-8I5P Cut-2AB

Gender: Female
Orientation: Demi-Sexual
Real Age: 389
Birthday: Early September
Birthplace: Planet Repek 8S-D5
Astrological Sign: Libra
Zodiac Sign: Horse

Species: Gem
Ethnicity: Iron Silicate
Web Type: Ionic
Preferred Hand: Right
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Light Leaf Green
Complexion: Minor Scratches
Build: Small, Lith
Height: 4' 9''
Weight: 39 Lbs
Shoe Size: H-S4 1/2
Birthmarks/scars: None.

Health: Fairly healthy.
Energy: High energy.
Memory: Could forget her own name.
Senses: Senses structural integrity.
Allergies: Is slightly allergic to pollen.
Handicaps: Minor Aboulia (Trouble with Motivation)
Medication: None.
Phobias: Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark)
Addictions: Unhealthy addiction to Anime.
Mental Disorders: ADHD

Mood: Usually snobby and hyperactive.
Expressiveness: Very open, sometimes to the point that her actions are inappropriate/rude.
When Happy: Make squealing noises and or purs.
When Depressed: She will lock herself in her room and cry.
When Angry: Will throw a tantrum.

Wardrobe: Custom Peridot Outfit-FGX
Equipment: Custom made Limb Enhancers Model CS-2.8 (She made them herself)
Accessories: Dolby-Star-Digital Holo-Disk Player
Grooming: Dependent on others for grooming.
Habits and Mannerisms: Is not afraid to speak her mind and is very individualistic.

Upbringing: Peri was born in the Alpha Kindergarten on Planet Repek 8S-D5. She was a regular Peridot and was assigned to Class 03-SD. Her job was to become a Developmental Engineer in order to create better weapons for gemkind. After basic assessment and training she was shown to have exceptional promise and sent to Vondrech University to further her studies in Gemstone Engineering.
However Peri had no interest in furthering her own studies as she put it, "I'm already the best Gem engineer, what are THEY going to teach me that I already don't know?" Because of this narcissistic outlook on Vondrech Schooling, she refused to participate in any learning. Peri often skipped classes and turned in very few assignments. But, in the mean time Peri did in fact work by herself, she often developed new gadgets on her own, (Often phone-like devices, or robinoids) and tinkered with her Vortian colleague's machines. Her proudest achievement in college was when she successfully tampered with her own limb enhancers,(Peri named it,Model CS-1.0, they were originally Model CT.) and upgraded them with new features and extended compatibility with foreign alien ware. However she was soon growing evermore tired of being at Vondrech and constantly acted out by pulling secret "pranks" against professors and students alike. She became known as "the party girl" and was often the one to throw raves and secret dormitory raids. Surprisingly enough she never was caught and punished for her behavior. (Partially due to hacking security feeds.)
Despite being gifted with the know hows of mechanics, she failed Vondrech and received no credits. After flunking out she said that the Gem Empire didn't recognized true genius when they saw it, this was the final straw for her Manager and she was labeled defective. Her failure and outlandish behavior towards the Empire, was inexcusable, therefore she was scheduled for immediate decommissioning (Execution). The fear of death drove her to flee the planet by stealing a Voot-Cruiser. Not knowing where to go or what to do she fled to the most hostile part of the Milky Way Galaxy, The Wrong Side of the Tracks. This place is so war torn and volatile that sending a fleet to capture her just wasn't worth it, as they presumed that she would die out there anyway. Peri was now drifting through the most dangerous place in the galaxy and it wasn't long before she bumped into trouble. She was sucked into a battle between a Small Covenant Scout Fleet and an UNSC Star-ship. Not knowing who to fight she was easily overtaken by Covenant forces and was thrown out into the vacuum of space. Miraculously, she was hit by the UNSC ship where she managed to climb aboard during the battle. Once on the ship, she hid for the rest of the combat in a ventilation duct. Due to the shear power of the starship the humans easily won the fight. However Peri refused to come out as she feared that the humans would kill her so she continued to hid in the ventilation ducks and other maintenance tunnels. During this time she constantly stole items, name tags, metal cans of soda, garbage, and ForeRunner Tech mistaking it as Gemtech (As they are similar in design and execution). Her goal was to somehow create a distraction, steal a ship, and get out of there. However her plan backfired and she was easily captured. Peri pleaded for her life which the marines were going to end before they made a discovery. Commander Palmer was the one to notice that Peri had hacked into and was using a piece of Forerunner tech. It was an important key to understanding Planetary Locations, and Peri had easily opened it while it would have took UNSC Scientists years to even unlock a few lines of code. Her ability was her saving grace as they then offered her a place in the top scientists. She quickly accepted as she was now safe and hidden from anyone who would go searching for her.
Peri then took on the job of deciphering Forerunner tech. Not long after, she began working along side Human A.Is which she took an interest in. Soon after tinkering, with A.I ports and communicating with several smart A.Is, she found out that her gem could be integrated with the Human A.I based networks. (The ports had to be modified to allow her to "jack" herself in). Soon she was able to learn vast amounts of knowledge about humans and their equipment. (So much so that her first time integrating overloaded her memory and she was in a daze for several weeks. During that time, Peri was suffering from short term memory loss while also having trouble sorting from memories that she had made herself and what she had acquired digitally.) After words she began to help strategize along side other strategists and had developed some very successful ways to defeat the enemies. Her life with the UNSC was what she had waited for. Being a part time scientist and fleet manager was a dream come true.
During an expedition to the northern side of the galaxy, Peri was in charge of a small scouting fleet, however she miscalculated the Space-Slip and landed too far north in the void between the Andromeda and Milkyway Galaxies. She was about to leave before teh ship picked up on a familiar distress signal, a Gem Distress signal. Despite wanting to leave it alone, she was just too curious. Peri was surprised to find another Peridot alone on a broken transport ship. Dot was very grateful and offered her services for a short time in order to repay them for her rescue. Peri was hesitant but agreed. Because of the crew now having two Peridots they had to avoid confusion. The second was called Dot and her Peri. Though they were both gems of the same kind they had major disagreements and a strong rivalry formed. Over time their bickering subsided and they learned that they had a lot more in common then they had originally realized. Both came from the same kindergarten and were in the same class that went to Vondrech. Soon a romance was born and they soon came to work together closely in the UNSC army. They now live together and vacation to planets when off duty.

Occupation: Transportation Management Coordinator for the UNSC/Scientist.
Work Ethnic: Do it when you want to.
Rank: Low ranking Tech worker.
Income: These gems have to much money.
Funds: Enough to make even Foxxiy jealous.
Prized Possession: Mew Mew Kissy Cutie Limited Edition Vol. 1 Holo-Disk. MINT IN THE BOX

IQ: 200
Education: Went to Vondrech University.
Grade: F-
Social Stereotype: The Party Girl.
Degrees: None.

Current Residence: She lives with Dot in multiple homes.
Bosses: UNSC General (Current) Yellow Diamond (Former)
Followers: 3 Followers on her Comet-Tales blog
Heroes: Mew Mew
Rivals: Soda

(Uhhh NSFW part)
Lovers: Dot / Sodalite
Marital Status: Married (Unfused)
Sex Life: To much fusion.
Turn-Ons: Grinding, Biting
Turn Offs: Cold, Hair pulling
Position: Sub
Fetishes: Stockings
Virginity: BWAHAHA!

Element: Air
Religion: She is a Celestian.
Morals: Eye for an Eye.
Crime Record: hAcK3r
Motivation: Food
Philosophy: The best things in life will come to you.
Traditions: She celebrates human Christmas.
Superstitions: Suspicious about breaking mirrors.

Main Goal: To have others accept and love her.
Career: Is a Transportation Management Coordinator for the UNSC.
Desires: To live life in a big city far away from war.
Greatest Achievement: Saving Dot.
Biggest Failure: Flunking out of Vondrech.
Secrets: Secretly wants to be hard working like Dot....
Best Memories: Becoming friends with the UNSC and in time Dot.
Worst Memories: Failing School and being labeled defective.

Hobbies/Interests: Tinkering with devices, inventing,
Skills/Talents: Amazing mechanical engineer, computer programming
Likes: Spending time with Dot, watching anime, debates, and showing of her inventions,
Dislikes: Loud noises, liars, organic life, and arguments.
Sense of Humor: References and humiliation
Lures: A good way to lure her is Dot under a box with a stick and string. -w-
Soft Spot: Has a soft spot for insecure people.
Cruel Streak: Is sometimes very selfish and narcissistic.

Powers/Abilities: Has general Gem powers. Able to sense structural integrity.
Weaknesses: Is a fairly weak gem physically, is very emotionally unstable.
Gem Weapon: A long green hand whip.
Extra Anatomy: None.

Favorite Color: Green.
Favorite Animals: Dogs
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Ogres
Favorite Places: Bed, Gaming Cafes, Her Gaming Room
Favorite Flavors: Frosting, sugar, Cola-Soda
Favorite Foods: Cup-ramen, pudding
Favorite Drink: Apple juice / Sweet soda
Favorite Song: Techno Dream Trance- Melody From Heaven (Anymusic that is primarily patterns or melodies.)

Favorite Quotations: "The power of Kisses and love is all you need to defeat the darkest of evil!!" -Mew Mew

Languages: Vortian, Gem Dialects 1-25, Human and Irken.
Accent: American
Voice: High and squeaky
Speech Impediments: None.
Greetings and Farewells: "Hey!" and "I'm outta here."
State of Mind: (How are you Peri?) "Why are you inquiring about my well-being?"
Compliment: "Mmm...You arn't as stupid as I thought you were."
Insult: "So tell me... does it hurt to be that IDIOTIC?!"
Expletive: "NOOOO!"
Laughter: Squealing mixed with hysterical laughter
Signature Quote: "Hold on guys the feed is being delayed... Wait.... DOT! Are you watching Starflix again!!??"
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