She Whom Created Life Picture

Smaragdus: "Emerald" [Latin]
Esmeralda: "Emerald" [Spanish]
Species: Emerald Dragon
Shrine Location: Angel Island
Alignment: True Neutral
Relations: Mother of Rubeus, Indicum, Galbinus, Viridis, Cinereo, Caeruleus, Violaceus

Smaragdus is the High-Goddess, whose elements are Chaos, Space and Time. According to the ancient tribes and the creationists, she was the first being on the planet, compared to the humans' "God". When she arrived, she was under her vessel form, known as the Master Emerald, in order to control her children's maniac minds, known as the Chaos Emeralds. It says that everything came from herself and/or her children, as each of them created something particular; Rubeus created the core and volcanoes, Indicum flooded them which created the oceans, Galbinus rose the earth which created the continents and Viridis sowed the seeds of life which created flora. Meanwhile, Cinereo created the High Skies, Caeruleus created the Midst Skies and Violaceus created the Low Skies. And finally, Smaragdus gave some of her vital energy, which gave life to the fauna. It is known as Chaos Energy.

As the end of the planet's formation, she decided to grant the power of the dragons to her eldest child: Rubeus. Unfortunately, this power drove him mad, as he broke the harmony's delicate balance, by flooding the luxurious forest, the arid deserts and even the coldest of ice packs with canicular and unstoppable lava floods. Seen the situation, Smaragdus asked her second eldest child -- Indicum, to put a stop to her brother's madness, with her powers of the oceans. After a rough confrontation, the Goddess of the Deeps came out victorious, ripped off her brother's dragon powers and gave it back to her mother. But after much consideration, Smaragdus gave those powers to her, telling her that she would be more suited to honor its dragonic essence. Indicum took on a Leviathan-like appearance, as she extinguished the last of Rubeus' flames and lava, with the help of Caeruleus, who made the rain fall upon them. Viridis went on replant all of the trees and flowers to give the earth its former fertility.

For a very long time, Excubiarum, Indicum's son, used to be the Guardian of the Master Emerald, as some of her people are looking forward to use its energy for personal needs. But she doesn't allow her children to attack them; none of the Gods shall harm their own creations. That is Smaragdus' Golden Rule. Unfortunately, this rule was broken; the Knuckles Clan attacked her and her children. By self-defense, she sent Excubiarum to riposte. Powered by her children's vital energy, he took on a monstrous dragon-like form and killed the majority of the echidnas. When suddenly, one of the echidna runs towards the Master Emerald and started a prayer. The High-Goddess, intrigued, told the water-made dragon to calm down, as the emerald dragon appeared in front of the young girl, going by the name of Tikal. She begged her to stop harming her people, telling that they didn't know what they were doing. Smaragdus was amused by her naive and pathetic mind, saying she sees that these "animals" no longer deserved life and that she would had has killed all of them long ago. But, out of the blue, the young echinda offered her life to make her stop. Stunned by her proposal, Smaragdus told her if she does value her life for doing such a thing, as her whole vital energy would be gone and not even come back as a spirit; she would be gone from Space and Time themselves.

She still accept.

As the emerald dragon was about to take her life, Excubiarum went between them -- he told her that he knows this girl, he likes her and was one of the nicest persons he ever knew. Smaragdus lowered her arm and stared at her grandson. "Do you really like her?", she asked. It didn't take a single second for him to reply: "I don't just like her. I love her.", he replied, as he turned his head to look at her before saying his second sentence. Tikal felt weird at his words, but smiled a few seconds later. The emerald dragon took a decision: she accepts to spare the life of the remaining echidnas but she would be under the High-Goddess' authority and that her shrine would be separated from the rest of the world, to avoid this disaster to appear ever again. She flew in the sky and with her Chaos Energy, she shattered the ground around the shrine and lift it in the air. The Knuckles Clan's last echidnas gladly accepted to become the next Guardians of the Master Emerald. The reason why this floating island is named Angel Island is because the remaining echidnas swore to have seen angel wings,
dazzled by the sunshines, which were really Smaragdus'.

For about 4,000 years, peace was reigning upon the planet. Until a new threat appeared; Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. This man put Smaragdus, her children and even the world in great danger. She was greatly
disappointed by her current Guardian -- Knuckles. But for her children's safety, the world's prosperity and this obese doctor's blood splattered at her shrine, she would help Sonic and his friends.

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Art, Smaragdus, part of the story (c) Pauline-The-Cat
Part of the story, Master Emerald, Chaos Emeralds (c) SEGA/Sonic Team

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