TerraByte - SVEN 10 Picture

TerraByte's home world of Need-a-spare is one giant space dump. TerraByte's people make their home in the colossal trash mountains that cover the planet. With razor sharp drilling claws, hydraulic jaw muscles, and a rotating external shell, TerraByte is built for tunneling and excavation. Terrabyte's kind are a very shy people, quietly maintaining their intergalactic dump while avoiding interactions with other alien races. Because of their familiarity with alien technologies, TerraByte's people have often been coerced into assisting ambitious aliens in their diabolical schemes. Nerd Stats!!!!

Area of Origin: Need-a-spare Waste Disposal
Species: Sculptorus Ferrovore
Powers & Abilities: Drilling Claws
Metal Ingestion
Rotating External Shell
Breaking Machinery
Fixing Machinery
Modifying Technology
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