Midgard - Arceus' Eden Picture

Throughout the histories and mythologies of Midgard there are references to a catastrophic series of events. The people of western Endor wax lyrical of the sunken land of Beleriand. The people of Skyrim would tell you that their land was once much more temperate, and Atmora was once habitable and harboured the primitive Nordic civilisation. The Skaal believe that Solstheim was once connected to the mainland, and that the island was sundered during the great battle between the Traitor and the Guardian. The climate of Westeros fluctuates wildly between temperate and ice age. The reason behind all of this is Arceus, lord of the pokémon and the first confirmed daedra.

When Arceus was created around 100,000 years ago it soon realised that there was no one more powerful. And so it began to alter the climate; pumping vast amounts of magicka in order to lower sea levels, flood deserts, and spread the equatorial warmth to the polar regions. And so seasons were eradicated, the Atmoran icecap partially melted, and deserts became lush grasslands. Many species* became cosmopolitan; including the brown bear, the grey wolf, the horse, wild boar, red fox, common rabbit, elk, moose, red deer, wolverine, lions, sabre-toothed cats, potatoes, tomatoes, and many western Endoran plant species. Midgard became a paradise; category-8 according to the wider galaxy rather than the category-13 deathworld it's supposed to be. During this time humanity spread across the globe, the orca achieved full sapience, and the beastfolk civilisations revelled in their golden ages.

Unfortunately, Arceus' ignorance was devastating. Endoran and Valinorese species spread into Tamriel, through Atmora, and eventually into Westeros where they outcompeted the indigenous and drove them into extinction. In fact Arceus inadvertently caused the greatest mass extinction event since the end of the Cretaceous. In the oceans it was even worse. The separation of the seas cut off currents and wiped out yet more species. During this time, the last non-avian dinosaurs became extinct, as did the xenarthrans, penguins, notoungulates, litopterns, and phorusrhacids. Pterosaurs, netches, and marsupials also suffered immeasurably, with the former now only found as single species in Tamriel and the latter are now only found in Australia. The world's giant arthropods were also diminished drastically, with Morrowind becoming their last proper stronghold. Overall one third of all plant and animal species became extinct within just 90,000 years.

After ninety thousand years, during which time many more daedric groups were created, Arceus ran out of energy. The effects were immediate. Enormous storms raged across the globe and vast tracts of land dried up into desert once more. The first winter of the Holocene was an especially brutal lesson to the soft khajiiti people of the first Chinese Empire and the Kingdom of Korea. The humans of Mongolia, Siberia, and Archenesti suffered even more so. And so they united against Arceus and all the pokémon. The war lasted several years, during which time Mew was crucified and burned - Mew once looked like Mewtwo, obviously - and the other legendaries driven into Oblivion. Arceus itself, unconscious the whole time, was sent to Oblivion by Olghis Khan, the first great general of Mongolia, atop Japan's Mount Coronet using an elder scroll.

Less than two thousand years after the Holocene began, the beastfolk civilisations had collapsed along with Aegyptus - the first human civilisation. In their place came new ones; those of Valinor, Atmora, Westeros, and western Endor. The descendants of Homo elhnofex rose to prominence and the age of man, mer, and dwarf continues into the modern day. The beastfolk also developed new civilisations in their respective homelands, while those of Tamriel fell under elven and daedric influence.

Over the course of the early Holocene sea levels slowly returned to normal. Though most of Arceus' ocean-holding hotspots of magic failed within a year, some remained intact for thousands of years, including those around the British Isles (Beleriand) and Solstheim. These final few failed at the very end of the War of Wrath, when legendary Endoran hero Eärendil sent the troublesome daedric lord Morgoth into intergalactic space using an elder scroll**. The scroll siphoned off the last of Arceus' magic and so the affected regions were completely submerged within weeks.

This map is Midgard as it looked just before Arceus lost its battle with Sol and the planet itself, 10,000 years ago. Continent and ocean names can be found on the original map.

*Basically if it's a classic European species, it probably did very well in the southern hemisphere.
**A feat which was later attributed to the valar, due to their abhorrence towards the scrolls.
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