The Great Minds Picture

Name: Great Mind
Species: Vestrcoculous Genimoss
Planet: Kysper-2
Current Planet: Earth
Est. Height: 6' 3"
Est. Weight: N/A
Aggressiveness: Passive
Maiden Language: Vestrocm
Description: The Great Minds Are An Extremely Intelligent Race Of Alien Life That Hover Above The Ground. They Have Many Features To That Of A Squid, And Somewhat Resemble The Ancient Mythological Creature: Cthulhu. Their Large Brains Are Known To Retain Much Information, Such As 500 Different Languages, They Even Have A Special Growth On Their Backs That Store Even More Information And Accelerate Learning Speeds By 150%. They Are Known To Assist Others But Can Paralyze Anything That Wishes To Harm It. Though They Can Do This, Many Of Their Kind Was Almost Wiped Out By Other Aliens Residing On Their Home Planet. They Are Strong Allies To Humans And Any Other Race Who Does The Same.
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