Diaval Lucefr Picture

Name: Daival Lucefr (Pronounced Lucifer)
AKA: Big-tough-guy-picking-all-the-fights
Title(editable): nope
Age: 6 Alternian Solar Sweeps (13 Earth Years)
Screen Name: TauroHorn (TH)
Typing Style: "b" becomes "8" "i" becomes "!" and "s" becomes "$"
Strife Specibi: AxeKind (But also uses FistKind)
Fetch modus: (Do it later)
Relations (Needs an update): Tauronus-Lusus
Likes: Breaking stuff, fighting, and heavy metal. He is also a Greek mythology enthusiast.
Dislikes: Humans, people who can fight for themselves, but don't, his low class in the hemospectrum.
Hemospectrum: Bronze-LowBlood

Stuff: Wears a black t-shirt with the symbol "XII" on the front, normal black jeans and fingerless gloves. He also wears sunglasses, but due to his fighting they always get broken. Because he doesn't like not being able to see though them, he is always buying new pairs. Zero (GT: 5up) is always telling him if he "in5i5t5 0n fightin'", he "5h0uld, 5t0p bein' a bl00dy wanker & take 'em 0ff". He doesn't listen. He goes though like 20 to 30 pairs every few weeks.
his lusus is a Minotaur who is also a great fighter, however, he's very good with grubs/kids surprisingly.
Diaval carries around a large double-sided, gold axe, though he is strong enough to fight without it.
He is a little overwhelming at times, but the friends he's got are used to it, so don't care so much. He remains unaware is closest friend, Zero, is a mix-Blood, nor that she takes comfort in speaking with mortals.
He can be considered a bit of a dunce, as he doesn't know much other then how to throw a punch and swing an axe, so he is often a "body-guard" to people, or has been called a "puppet" because some believe he can't think for himself, but if Greek Mythology is involved, he's a genius

Further info needed.

TauroHorn ceased trolling EnglandXIII's account
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