Pioneer SPACE ENGINE 7: Odysseus Picture

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I heard the Lieutenant-Commander chewed you out a while back."
"He was under the impression that I was sending us to targets of photogenic interest. Frankly I'm insulted."
"With that in mind I'd like to here your latest report, Dr. Ulysses."


System: KSR 7455662 A/B (G9V / M2V)
Dist: 1383 LY
Class: Hot Desert
Radius: 5229 km (0.8198 Re)
Mass: 0.8409 Me
Axial Tilt 0.000°
ESI: 0.496
sma: 0.444 AU
Day Length: 100.9 days (tidally locked)
Gravity: 1.251 g
atm: 123.2 kPa
GAT: 612 K

"Aside from the problem of having too high a temperature and tidal lock, Polyphemus is an otherwise promising target for terraforming....why are you laughing?"
"Who named this planet?"
"One of the soldiers drew a winning ticket. Apparently he's a fan of Ancient mythology."
"And I take it you aren't?"
"Couldn't be bothered. What are you getting at?"
"Polyphemus was a cyclops killed by the hero Odysseus. Say, do you know where your name comes from?"
"You are seriously confusing me, Fatima."
"Just answer the question."
"No, no I do not know where my name comes from."
"Ulysses is a different translation of Odysseus."
"That's it? You drew out this briefing just to tell me that?"
"I've got work to do. Good bye, Commander."
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