Dragon Booster: Beginning Picture

3000 years ago, vast human empires based on dragon color and energy formed across the planet. These empires formed alliances, conquered each other and brought the planet to the brink of total annihilation.
At some point the dragons realized they’d been abused by humans, and rose up against their masters. It was a war that threatened the survival of both species, until one pure Star-Dragon, Beaucephalis, chose a human Dragon Booster to prove that unity was still possible. - The Myth of the Dragon Booster

"Dragon Booster: Beginning" is a typical fan idea: what happened back then in the war, and who were the original fighters; in this case, Boosters? I spent hours trying to draw parallels to Arthurian mythology, while not completely going out of bounds of just taking a name and sticking it onto a character (*coughArthaandMordredcough*), so it took -much- personal debate. Of course, I need to do a bit the Mythology Raeping to get the desired DB effect. Cliches too will occur.
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