Lord of The Seas Picture

My version of the mythological Kraken. A creature so horrific that the few who have ever seen it are left catatonic long after the event has passed. These creatures have been the killers of many a sea-farer and sea beast alike. The only things in the seas that Leviathans actually fear, Krakens are all but rulers of the waters they lay claim to. With lifespans extending several hundred thousand years, their reproductive rate is very low, with no more than 8 occupying the world at any given time.

They occupy the deepest trenches on the planet, and proceed to pluck passing creatures out of the surrounding waters for several decades, until the water around the trench is all but lifeless, the surviving creatures having departed to escape. at this point the Kraken proceeds to hunt further up, charging towards the surface with speed that would kill a lesser creature, colliding with Leviathans swimming unknowingly above. On occasion, ships may end up being struck, the force of the collision frequently obliterating the ship entirely, if not knocking it clear of the water, the Kraken's immense form emerging behind it. These breeches can cause massive turbulence in the surrounding waters, making surrounding ships vulnerable to capsizing if not facing the waves.

The Kraken's most fatal trait, however, is the curse that afflicts all who come into contact with it. In the rare case of a sailor or Leviathan surviving a Kraken attack, they are damned for the rest of their lives. An inconceivable degree of foul luck proceeds to take hold of their lives, as loved ones die, their trades collapse, their wealth diminishes and their health declines. This ends with the death of the victim, often dying from prolonged, painful means, the accumulation of the horrors they are forced to endure in the deaths of their most beloved, and harsh, incurable illnesses that eat away at them until they expire. As such, the few that know of the Kraken are wary steer far clear of any location that may bring them into contact with the illusive, yet ferocious beasts.
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