more Shadow quadrant races (With names) Picture

Hokay here's more races... I quite like the design of the Lamaera but I think I need to improve them description wise.

The Thaal are all hermaphrodites who can self fertilize their eggs. however cross fertilization is encouraged for genetic diversity. yes, all of them have eyelashes for some damn reason. They are the only race from the shadow quadrant with abundant information about them because unlike all the other races in the Shadow Quadrant they're suprisingly open about their culture and such. Their homeworld is Metis (coincidentally the same name as a figure in greek mythology, but Metis means 'Fertile' in ancient Thaal language) and their culture is largely clan based. their economy is built upon trade and social status is determined by how big a Thaal's family group is. they are not held in high regard by the rest of the Shadow Quadrant because of how open they are and interestingly enough every Thaal has a unique pattern and color for their egg clutches, making it easy to distinguish who's eggs are who's in larger familial hatcheries (The only time multiple thaal have the same patterns is if a family line has self fertilized too much).

The Dionae hail from the planet Thespis and aside from their violent tendencies towards eachother not much else is known about them. they share a few characteristics with the Thaal (The scaled faces and arms, large eyes) but that is where the similarities end. they have pale skin and vibrant pink, purple, red, blue or yellow scales and tendrils. they also tend to have dark colored glittery eyes.

The Kuridaan have separate genders (Three of them) but aside from skin color it's almost impossible to tell what gender a Kuridaan individual might be if you know little or nothing about them as they all look the same externally (Internal genitals for all!). Males (Who stick their spermatazoa into a Kurmale during breeding) are a dark olive green with ligher olive areas, females (Who insert an enbryonic sac into a Kurmale during breeding) are apple green with pale green areas and the third gender known as Kurmales (Which are the actual incubators of the embyonic sacs who also transfer their own genetic material to the sac during incubation) are Spring bud green with very pal green areas. the elongated 'fingers' on their hands are barbs filled with a fluid that's toxic to levo-amino based life forms but not to the Kuridaan, who strike eachother with them to show that they like them (The chemical elicits pleasant tingling in them). their planet name is unknown.

And Finally the Lamaera. they come from Wonambii and as far as anyone knows they're all female as females are the only ones seen and there's never been any mention of males. they have an unusually high rate of compatibility with other races when it comes to reproduction, mostly due to the fact that the offspring has a 50/50 chance of being either parent's race with only minor features from the other parent. the Lamaera refuse to be examined so it's not yet known why this happens. there have been cases of sterile, sickly hybrids but this is rare and they can stimulate other Lamaera into having a child through psuedocopulation, kinda like certain types of Teiidae lizards they have a strong military and economic influence and tend to break up disputes in the Shadow Quadrant..sorta like space police I guess...
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