My Top 10 Fav. Walt Disney Animation Movies Picture

#10. Frozen
Yes Frozen is in my top 10, big deal! Yeah it's old seeing and hearing it everywhere, although the hype surrounding the film can be annoying but it's not exactly a problem with the film itself. I love this movie because it's the closest Disney film of the 2010's to not only recapture the Disney magic and spirit but also take the narrative in a whole new direction to create something new and special

#9. Hercules
Wow Disney can do a much better movie based off Greek mythology than Hollywood directors nowadays. I love how they adapted the Hercules story to make an awesome, fun and at times emotional film. My favourite thing about the movie is the romance between Hercules and Meg which is a complex and perfectly developed couple that needs more appreciation. I also love how in the ending Hercules choice to stay on earth with Meg instead of living with the gods. And the song 'A star is born' end the movie on such a high and up-beat note. Also Hades is an awesome villain!

#8. Peter Pan
Oh goodie one of my childhood favourites. This is a very fun movie but brings you to a world of adventure and I love captain Hook, he's hilarious and the iconic villain of my childhood

#7. Robin Hood
Here's another childhood favourite of mine that's a pleasure to watch. It's full of fun fight scenes, likeable characters and has an exciting climax. Yeah sure prince John is an idiot but that what makes him hilarious

#6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
This movie is incredible! The Grand scale animation, the amazing songs and although it may not be as dark as the original story it still doesn't water down any of the hard core themes such as religion and sexual lust. It can be an epic and gripping story but also has it fun moments and fantastic characters.

#5. The Rescuers down under
A Disney movie set in my homeland, SOLD! I love this movie for the massive adventure feel it gives you, the gripping action and breath-taking animation, especially at the flying squence

#4. The many adventures of winnie the pooh
I'm the biggest Winnie the pooh fanboy alive and I love almost every media adaption out there (except for that CGI preschool bullshit series) including 'Pooh's grand adventure' and 'The new adventures of Winnie the Pooh'. But this is the ultimate classic, by combining the original three Disney shorts into a full length feature filled with charm and lovable characters

Btw anyone else think that The Heffalumps and Woozles sequence is a mindfuck

#3. Beauty and the Beast
I mean HELLO! This was the first animated feature to be nominated for the best picture award. This movie is truly beautiful and amazing in every way possible, from it's pronominal Animation, Songs, Characters and the romance between Belle and the Beast
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