Proud Of You Picture

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of Baby for saving the day.

Five people on the planet might understand this picture and only one of them (other than myself) will have many sticky feels over this picture. But, you know? Sometimes you just gotta do a quick doodle to please yourself. Actually, I'm surprised this picture didn't get drawn sooner.

This design for Jack Frost belongs to the creators of Rise of the Guardians and you can expect me to never draw it again just because I don't want to feed the fangirls-no matter how awesome that movie was. Just like you don't smack a baby bear with a stick in front of its mama, you DO NOT give the insane fangirls a reason to... fangirl. I'm trying to stay out of the official fandom because fandoms on Tumblr and the internet terrify me.
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