Cygnus Faeton Picture

My second fantroll here, Cygnus. I initially intended to only have Teppeu, but I had a random desire to make another troll that had spaced out behavior, so this happened. The first part in his design was the eyes, which I’ll go into explaining, but then came his horns made to look like some kind of antennas and after that was the difficult decision of what to make is weapon.
Cygnus started out as space themed, but once I decided to make his eyes reversed colour, I also decided to make the theme strictly black holes; his eyes being black is one relation, then I initially chose to give him telekinesis because it would be as if he was manipulating matter in space like a black hole. After all that, I named him after Cygnus X-1, a stellar-sized black hole candidate, which I’ll also go into. Finally, when planning out this reference image I decided to make his alternate weapon a vacuum, for obvious reasons.
His name, Cygnus, comes from the black hole / constellation Cygnus X-1. He takes both his first and last name from the myth behind Cygnus:
    One story based in Greek mythology told of two close friends, Cygnus and Phaeton, who were continually competing, and they each other to a race around the sun and back to earth. In an effort to gain the advantage, they both cut too closely to the Sun and their chariots were burned up and they fell back to earth. Upon recovering, Cygnus began looking for his friend, Phaeton, and discovered his body trapped by the roots of a tree at the bottom of the Eridanus River. In an effort to retrieve his friend’s body and give it a proper burial, Cygnus repeatedly dove into the river, but could not reach his friend’s body. While he sat grieving on the bank of the river, Cygnus begged for Zeus to help him. Zeus replied that if he gave Cygnus the body of a swan, he would be able to dive deeply enough to retrieve his friend’s body. However, if Cygnus did take on the body of a swan, he would also be giving up his immortality and would only live as long as a swan would normally live. Cygnus readily agreed to this in order to retrieve his friend’s body and give him a proper burial, allowing his friend’s spirit to travel into the afterlife. In honor of this great unselfish act, Zeus placed Cygnus’ image (that of a swan) into the night sky.
This story is also where he gets his lusus from, it being a Swan and also given the pet name Zeus.

I’m going to work on the “you are…” sprite introduction in a bit, same as I did for Teppeu.
Anyways, without further ado, here’s his official information.

Title: Priest of Cosmos
Age: 8 Alternian solar sweeps
Screen Name: comatoseAsterism
Typing Style: proper grammar and spelling, normally proper case as well; replaces “t” with “+” and “a” with “*”; "o" followed by two extras, mass repetition of the letter when excited
Sign: Circles within circles, pretty simple.
Strife Specibi: None; uses telekinesis (occasionally vacuumkind)
    Zeus- Lusus
Planet: Land of Rays and Cathedrals

Cygnus (sig nus) Faeton (FAY ton), also known by his trollian handle passiveQuestioner, is a troll from the planet Alternia. His associated sign is a circle within two rings, and his horns are at either side of his head pointing directly horizontal. He types with proper grammar and spelling, the letter “t” typed as “+”, and “a” as “*”. He chooses to use telekinesis, but on occasion will use hand-held vacuums. When he is using telekinesis, his eyes will roll in opposite directions, giving him a bit of a creepy appearance, but he considers it kind of cool nonetheless. He’s normally very quiet and inquisitive or curious, although trolls are typically hostile. His colour is a vivid lime green, and although he’s in an alright position on the hemospectrum, he doesn’t seem to pay attention to status. He usually gets along well with other trolls, and when faced with an argument he acts passive. His lusus is a swan, which he’s affectionately given the name Zeus. His lusus is really quite plain, anyone else would probably bored by Zeus, but Cygnus loves him nonetheless.
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