End Earth - Concept Art Picture


SINGAPORE, 22nd MARCH 2008 – Yolk, Singapore’s largest independent digital agency whose client roster includes The Times Publishing Group, Fraser and Neave Limited, BMW and APMI Kaplan takes new media to the next level by launching the first ever environmental web comic, ‘End Earth’.

“End Earth” is a monthly web comic that was launched on Earth Day, 22nd April 2008 powered by Yolk’s online social activist magazine, Hardboiled.

The non-linear comic will unfold as a timeline, consisting of overlapping events that will gradually unravel from its web interface, to the fine details of its artwork.

Yolk positioned the launch of the web comic on Earth Day to focus attention on Mother Earth by stressing the dire global damage and devastating consequences that would occur if no action is taken now. The comic script, written by in-house Yolk writer Chris Basil and co-written by Paul Pereira, is an almost karmic hybrid of influences from Christian mythology, Angelic Lore, Paganism and the James Lovelock theory. Its central message is that Mother Earth, just like us, is a living entity and should be given the same respect and love that humans yearn for.

“The comic is not about ending Earth. It is, in fact, a tribute to Earth. I feel that I have contributed to the Earth’s destruction in many ways. I think it is my responsibility to give back what I have taken from her. My goal is to re-introduce and educate our young generation on environmental concerns in a fun and interesting way by using new media as the key platform.” – Chris Basil, Editor-in-Chief.

More than just a social contribution, End Earth is a showcase of the talents and new media which Yolk is fast being recognized as a pioneer of.

“We have been doing comics for clients over past projects. This time we decided to utilize our in- house talent to explore this area while expressing our common passion and interest in comics. We hope that the web comic will build a solid fan base. In time, we hope to use it as a project pitch to production houses, gaming companies as well as merchandise manufacturers.” - Prakash Somusundram, CEO of Yolk.

“We wanted to create a comic strong in style with fresh, explosive detail that intertwines with a touch of design. Every element was carefully considered, from the web design, to the paneling, and character and background design. This opportunity gives Yolk a chance to flaunt its internal talent by personifying our big ambitions. This is our chance to showcase a fusion of styles that will set a new standard in new media today.” – Low Jun Jek, Creative Director.

ABOUT END EARTH - This is the End of Earth. Humanity has ended. The planet orbits in a lost state of morose sickness from the torture it has succumbed to. With mankind no longer in existence, the powers of Earth have fallen subject to a war between the orders of angels in attempt to salvage whatever they can before it falls victims to demons. With a divine directive to let Gaia heal, a new order of angels must battle opposing forces for the safety and evolution of the earth, taking her to the rebirth of her energy.

Hardboiled thinks it’ll be too late if we remain dependant on angels when the reign of humanity ends. Instead of fighting this human battle over the Earth, we must first fight the real war against our own ignorance and complacency to heal her now before we face an even uglier outcome; END EARTH.

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