Winter's Own Splendor Picture

I promised you beasties, and I give da beasty. This is one of my female dragons named Vulcaria. She is a character in one of my head worlds, and is the seasonal dragon of Winter. Accompanied by her other seasons: Valk, Vraastpier, and Spring (still working out the name), they are the guardians of their home world. While they lead most lives of seclusion and remain out of humans reach, there is a danger upon the horizon that threatens their land. ooooo drama dun dun duuuuunnnn. The wvyern of the constellations is a beast of unmeasure proportions. With a stomach to match that, he takes it upon himself to try and solve his ever present gluttony by absorbing and eating planets. This feared beast has set his eyes upon Earth. Stay tuned for how four siblings can measure of to the galactus of dragons.

Vulcaria (Character) and drawing belongs to
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