'The Restless One'- Gemini Picture

My sixth entry into
At the rate Im going I think Im going to have to include the eastern signs as well! lol

This one, of course represents the Twins, each so different from each other, but sharing simillar traits. All ways moving onto something new and always seeking out knowledge.

For further description as to why I portrayed my version this way, see the description of a
Gemini below.


Models- Background- My Own

Your element: Air

Your ruling
planets: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins

Your stone: Aquamarine

Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything.

Vibration: Intense mental energy

Gemini's Secret Desire: To be ahead of the crowd

In ancient Greek mythology, Gemini's ruler - Mercury, was the light-footed messenger of the gods who darted back and forth across the heavens delivering news - which might explain why those born under the sign of the 'Twins' are always on the move; thirsty for knowledge and new experiences. Terminally curious and sometimes even mischievous, Geminis are multi-faceted souls who enjoy knowing a little bit of everything but generally not too much about one particular subject. It's just that variety is the spice of their lives!
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