Green Diamond Picture

yes, she is a diamond, since as how a few people only made their own diamonds, or made their own version of Pink diamond or a fusion of one or all the existing diamonds as an OC gem, i decided to do something of my own by making Green Diamond an actual Diamond rather than a fusion

Green diamond isn’t part of the diamond Regime in fact she’s a gem that is the only one known to form naturally outside of the gem empire and Yellow Diamond (Since we know little of blue diamond and absolutely nothing about white Diamond, i’m going based on what we know of Yellow Diamond) Has a standing order to gems patrolling the expanse of space to watch for when this rare diamond manifests.

Not because all the diamonds want her destroyed (since we don’t know if they can be) But because of her unique elemental powers, where she can reform and give life to shattered gems and life to a gem planet. Basically being the Gaia of Gems

That’s all i’ll say on her till we know more about the gem mythology outside of what little we know of the rebellion and what we’re piecing together based on what we’ve seen so far.

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