Quietus - Aphelion Picture

the point in the path of a celestial body (as a planet) that is farthest from the sun
(taken from Merriam-Webster online dictionary)

I have already been ensnared with just the itty-bitty mention of Itachi in the story and goodness, I can't wait for his and Sakura's meeting. (coughs star-eyed ItaSaku fangirl here coughs) But yes, since I love Sasuke and his reltionship with his brother... I suddenly felt raw and inspired to draw Itachi when he--uh... well... I guess you can say, he "died"? And thus, I feel that the title is especially meaningful. I wanted to draw Itachi in a vulnerable way and listening to one of the music scores selected for Quietus made me do it. I hope I did him some justice. I love drawing his eyes and hair the most.
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