Ambrosia, the Run Picture

Ambrosia was a contraban, only a god could drink it, thus it caused much Curiosity among the mortals and titans. A titan named Aeras was able to steal an glass of Ambrosia from Apollo, he ran as fast as he could, unfortunately he was not able to escape Apollo on his chariot, Apollo chased him to the ends of the earth. Finally Apollo's chariot horses struck him with their mighty hooves, causing him trip and spill the precious drink. Aeras was banished to the underworld, unfortunetly the Ambrosia was irrecoverable, as it gave power to the gods, it made the land more fertile creating growth and beauty. But what the reprecutions? unseen...yet..
Pirate Cruiser Alpha3R45 crash landed on a mysterious planet, its stolen cargo, which was unknown to the crew caused a malfunction to the guidance system of the Ship which resulted in a crash landing. Unfortunately the crash caused a massive melt down of the ship's reactor core. The survivors lay abandoned, exhausted and starving on a paradise. Unknown to them the ships cargo is already cause extensive changes to the planet's environment.
Used a Beach-Maker Macro I found in the World Machine Forums
A simple Perlin
35 seconds to create
Saved as Terrain file
Surface map: was a new one, mixed with some ones i had lying around
Atmosphere: wanted to keep it simple, but some nice colors so yea
Terrain: only lowered and heightened somethings
Water: Simple one...and used the Transperancy plugin
Rendered at 3000x2250
Time Spent: 10 minutes
Pretty much just tweaked stuff
file was 83 mb
Since this is a wallpaper, i'll add in the different sizes and ratios later
Hope you enjoy this
EDIT: Cheers to BM for the name and a little help with the story
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