Brimstone Biography Picture

Name: Brimstone

Alter-Ego: K’trat Demaranius Igtrot

Age: Unknown
Ht: 6’8”
Wt: 210 lbs
Eyes: Orange Reptilian Eyes with black coloring around them.
Hair: No Hair

Appearance: In his draconian form, Brimstone looks like a mixture of a human and a dragon. He is very lanky and slim, as he sports no offensive training or took any means to improve his physical capabilities. His hide is covered in a thick scaly skin and he has a pair of horns on top of his head.

Base of Operations: The Imperial Star.

Personality type: Studious, Curious, Passive when the mentioning of war is mentioned, Professional, Wise, Elegant, but overall displays a personality of a student rather than a warrior.


Magic Manipulation- Through his training Brimstone has become somewhat of a prodigy in the arts of magic. Using these skills Brimstone arms himself with defensive and elusive spells. While defaulting to mostly magic he can conjure up, he has crafted a staff out of wood that can channel his magic and even repel magical assaults directed at him. With his staff, he can maneuver and create complex offensive spells, binding spells, and overall improve on his capabilities as both a combatant and a sorcerer. The limits of his knowledge are unknown; however, the Imperial Star has a tremendous collection of books ranging from occult magic, blood rituals, dark magic, and even more subjects in the matters of magic.

Alchemy- His studies also involve the use of serums and potions as means to repel and stun his opponents. Studying the various supernatural ingredients and methods Brimstone has armed himself with a wide assortment of potions, elixirs, and serums that can accomplish many things. While he doesn’t indulge them himself, he does carry a satchel of various vials that he can use in emergency situations.

Astral Projection- One of his greatest abilities is to manifest his inner magical prowess and shape it into a truly horrifying draconian monstrosity. He preferred to leave his natural form as his chosen manifestation which is a multi-headed monstrosity. It mostly resembles a hydra from Greek mythology but twisted as a Nicton hybrid and alien origin. The heads can vary; however, each head is capable of streaming a beam of arcane energy at the cost of Brimstone's health. The more heads lead to a quicker drain which will force him to pass out.

Bo Staff Training- Since Brimstone’s only offensive tool he has in his hands is the staff he works with, he has been trained to work in a martial arts style into his spell casting. This mixture of martial arts and magic allow him to fight with other magical users in an unpredictable pattern as he utilizes various moves to keep his opponents guessing while in the midst of battle.


Flight- His birthright to his wings gives him the ability to fly in the air. His speed is limited to the environment and wingspan he is allowed to fly in; however, his top speeds have clocked in just under Mach 1. While in his Hydra Form, he is granted a much larger set of wings that allow him to clock under half of that.

Arcane Blast- Brimstone is able to naturally let out a stream of pure arcane energy in the form of a energy blast. Whether from his staff, hands, or even his mouth he can let loose a torrent of arcane energy. His skill with the arcane arts allow him to adjust, alter, and manifest said arcane energy into a specific field of magic.

Enhanced Durability- His hide is covered in thick scales; this allows him to repel small gun fire and knives. It also allows him to withstand extreme temperatures; however, he isn’t invulnerable. He is capable of shedding his skin and grows a thicker hide if damaged.


Magic Neutralizing Elements- Like every spell caster, there is an opportunity to render Brimstone powerless if exposed to magical neutralizing agents or elements. This might involve charms, hexes, or even a physical object that cuts off a person from the magical energies.

Limited Fighting Experiences- As being a trained spell caster, Brimstone has limited close quarters combat skills. In terms of the generals, he is the worst fighter of the four preferring to staying back and using magic to do his work.

Hyper Sensitivity- Being his senses are stronger due to his draconian nature, sounds and smells can disorient him, as his senses are more sensitive to regular things. While small amounts can disorient him, large amounts of the substance can make it near impossible for him to focus to conjure a spell.

Stamina- The saying “Magic has a Price” is very real to Brimstone. Magic drains his stamina that varies in the degree of intensity of the spell.


The planet Daragon is home to a race of draconian like creatures that have thrown out the corruption and complexity of science and have adopted a heritage of magic and mysticism as their ancestors have learned before them. Here magic is the dominant subject to be taught to everyone starting with the younglings. By the rule of the people, the younglings were subjected to trials to learn if they had the potential to adopt the people’s arts for magic.

While most of the younglings passed this test, there was a room where the younglings might fail. K’trat was one of the younglings as he failed to embrace the natural mystic fields. What the elders thought was just a simple disconnection was actually a quite different story.

Due to the natural evolutionary process and subjugation for those who looked abnormal, the ones that closely identified with Wyverns, Hydras, or non-standard looking dragons were persecuted and thought to have been eliminated from the gene pool of the planet, only leaving a fair selection of genetics to go on. Young K’trat didn’t know that he inherited the genetic makeup of a hydra but it would expose itself later on while he worked in the ore mines.

One night, K’trat was sent into an agonizing pain as he felt that his mind was breaking into pieces and his body was going to be split into two. What really happened was when he was brought into the medical wards for treatment, his genetics flared and his neck began to sprout more heads as well as his wings emerging from his back. Fearful of the new rise of the Hydras coming back to taint their genetic makeup, the elders banished young K’trat to an isolated planet.

What the Elders also didn’t know was that this isolated planet was once home to a race of creatures long ago but the life was taken away when the empire of the Nicton swept over the planet. K’trat encountered the inky ooze like Nicton; however, instead of immediately attacking him, the Nicton guided K’trat to their commander Nexus. From there, Nexus comforted the young draconian and heard the stories of how he was targeted out of prejudice and how he was willing to offer him a place in his ranks as a mystic expert.

Confused by the initial offer, K’trat was soon taught that he was indeed capable of tapping into the mystical arts; however, his aura of being a Hydra distorted the tests to show that he wasn’t capable of such feats. Agreeing to go with Nexus, K’trat bonded to a Nicton and soon traveled with Nexus’ legions to Daragon. Within a week, the planet’s populace was subjugated under K’trat’s rule. His first order was to exterminate the elders that banished him; however, he took their knowledge of the mystic arts before they were exterminated.

K’trat, now codenamed “Brimstone”, is now the mystical expert in the Nicton fleet. He often gets involved in the planetary conquest affairs when the ability to examine, obtain, or assimilate magical objects, artifacts, or lore is brought up. He has kept his home planet intact; however, instead of the residents of his own race there he has constructed a large library in which to keep his collection of assorted books and artifacts.

Often regarded as the “Prime Knowledge of the Arcane” the library is often the residence of Brimstone as he spends his free time examining every piece of magic in the known universe. This lead him to attain many masteries in several areas including the ability to hold the title “Arch Mage”. Brimstone continues this journey to sate his hunger for knowledge as he seeks to expand, evolve, and learn all the secrets the mystical world has to offer him.

1. Brimstone’s staff is created out of a very rare wood called “Eldrich Oak”. This was found on a planet that was long ago left at peace and is one of the very few points where the magical energies pool.
2. Brimstone prefers the disguise of an elderly gentleman as it not only portrays his age and shows off his intellect, but it also discourages many meetings from other people on Earth.
3. Brimstone acts anti-social in the regards he cares little for the matters of other people. While he is faithful and obedient to his emperor, he doesn’t get as involved in interaction as the other three generals.
4. His library is well known throughout the cosmos to higher learners of the arcane. While it is near impossible to track this planet, he does allow those who he deems worthy and eager enough to partake in its wisdom.
5. He carries many illustrious titles among the title of the Arch Mage of magic.
6. While his skin is highly durable, he does carry scars from his days of being abused due to his looks and his species reputation.


Howdy Deviants,

To shed some light behind the Nicton Armada I am going to shed light behind the mysterious mystical Arch Mage, Brimstone. Here is the biography that I could compile; however, I will edit this in future tenses should inspiration demand that I add more to the vast lore. I plan to have individual solo stories featured about the various generals and how they were hand picked by Nexus himself to be part of the vast amarda that is the Nicton empire. I hope y'all enjoy it and feel free to check out it's fellow generals.

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