Creation - Hydricoon Picture

Hmm, haven't uploaded much after a while. This is 'cause of the bloody school library always being filled up with annoying year 7's without a life doing simplistic internet games and looking at celebrity files >:@

Anyway, this is a creature I made up last holidays sometime July during a cadets promotion course... Yeah, I know I should of been attentive in class but who is? Besides, I came like, second/third in the class who passed
Please don't read the facts of this creature if your a normal person. It will damage your brain. YOUR BRAIN!!?!!

Moving on. This creature is called a Hydricoon. A play on Hydro/hydra. It lives in a watery planet and just like the mythology hydra, when a limb or organ gets chopped off, it can regrow it like an axolotl ((Chop off it's head and it's dead ok? Stuff dies when you chop off the head)). Coon is there 'cause that's the sounds it makes. Cooning coo's and such; like pigeon.

Now for messy rambling about this being:

WTF is on it's back? A shell sort of thing that can generate electric blasts. It's skin is rubbery and slimey so if it stupidly tries to shock it's own head then the rubber will just stuff up the current and it won't work.

WTF is up with it's legs? Legs are conjoined in pairs. Two fore pairs and two hind pairs.

WTF the hind pairs? Another thing this creature can do. It folds in its legs and it sorta sticks together from the slime. Also looks like it has no legs at all. It retracts them while darting around to give it more aero/hydro dynamicness. On land it can just crawl around like a clumsy ant.

WTF got 6 eyes? Yes. Six eyes. Shows it should have good eyesight.

WTF with the fishy in top right hand corner? There? That's what I started with. I first came up with that fish and then began redrawing it and redrawing it as if it were evolving a couple of zillion times and thus I came up with this. The Hydricoon dragon worm thingy.

WTF does it live? In my own universe I've created ((Can't be bothered to explain)) on the fifth planet. It's a very advanced race but does not choose to take over the world with it's own cities and stuff then pollute like mad. No, they're smart and kept the other beings on it's planet at peace. But they can make themselves suits to breathe in outer space which isn't even solid but it sticks around them.

XD I dunno. But why are you reading this? Maybe I'll post a proper profile of te species one day... one day... maybe in a year when I look back on it...

Hydricoon and all associated with it (c) Norcinu
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