Aniol 2015 Ref Sheet Picture

Gender: Female
Age: Ageless
Species: shapeshifter

Likes: Small yellow birds, flying, running fast, hanging out with Kiro and Monarch, eavesdropping
Dislikes: anger, midday, the color red, having to fight with others, having to use her powers to escape a fight/win a fight
Favorite color: Bright gold

Aniol wasn't born, and has no family. She is very old and wise, and simply was formed in a cave one day. She has no memory of anything that happened to her until she walked out of a beach-side cave with the full moon shining down on the waves. She was only a cat then, but was alive to see all sorts of species come and go.

She found a collar one day (pictured above) that she fancied. Like her, it had no observable origin - no species alive was capable of crafting things at the time - it just existed. And when she put it on, she found it fit perfectly. Shortly after, she happened onto her shapeshifting ability - she had tumbled off a cliff, and was facing a very sheer, very deep drop. In her head, she wished with all of her might that she could grow wings and fly to safety, and, without another moment's hesitation, she did. Because this happened so soon after she found the collar, she spent a lot of time believing that the collar was the source of her abilities.

Many many more decades passed and she learned to transform into anything she desired. She became capable of full and partial transformations, and does them all with ease.

One day she met a dragon, who was even older than she was. He told her of her powers, and, surprisingly enough, shapeshifting wasn't the gift she was born with. She was able to manipulate shadows, and had never known it. The dragon taught her how to do all of the things she could with shadows; bend darkness around her to hide, use shadows to travel, and, in the most dire of cases, cast a shadow over the sun in an eclipse.

When the dragon died, she had lost her only friend in the world. She was at a loss. Another hundred years went by and she had nobody - until she met Kiro. Although he didn't like her at first, she never strayed from his side, and the two quickly became good friends.

About the Shapeshifting
She can shapeshift into any animal; real or mythological
She can change all of her body or a portion of it to anything real or mythological
Her preferred forms are housecat, wolf, and dragon (typically wingless)

About the Shadow-Bending
She is able to do three things with her powers:
1) Bend shadows to her will, and have them hide her or others. She can also strip shadows from an area to expose herself or others
2) Travel through shadows. She can tear holes in darkness and travel through a world that lives between the surface and the underworld. She can save a lot of time and energy by doing so.
3) Cast a shadow over the sun to form an eclipse

About the Collar
The collar is made of a hybrid metal, and has a bluish-gray shine (that I failed to draw). It keeps Aniol cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and she believes it has magic embedded in its core. The collar stretches and shrinks to each of her forms, and she never has to worry about taking it off. If she needs to, though, it slips of as easily as it not being there at all.
The ankh on the center is made of onyx, symbolizing life and self-awareness. When Aniol needs to be serious, she draws her calm strength from the charm.

Aniol's Personality
The only way one would know Aniol is older than anything currently alive on the planet was if she announced it herself. She is a very childish, carefree, bubbly personality. There is never any negativity in her life. She has an overly-infectious personality that even the gloomiest of moods can't escape.


This poor child is almost 2 years old and only had one poorly drawn ref sheet to speak to her awesomeness.

I tweaked her design a bit, because honestly, the old one wasn't very well done. I tweaked a lot of it from the seller of the design and it wasn't well-changed. So here I am changing it again. I like this design a lot more
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