Map of the Amphibilite Lands Picture

For a long time I had been trying to map out the lands that the Amphibilites inhabited in my story for them. While they always lives on the east coast of a large continent that prevented them from expanding due to inhospitable lands to the north south and west, and a vast ocean to the east, I never had a map of their lands that I was happy with. To the north is the frozen shattered arctic, to the east a sea too far for them to cross, to the south the land turns into a spine of mountains that none can live on, yet alone round the cape of. To the west is the radioactive desert that they call the relm of the god of evil in their mythology.

I'm finally happy with the way that I've laid out the land. This is actually only a small portion of the full continent that I drew to actualize the story, since on the other side of the continent is a group of human colonists that start the conflict of the story. However, the majority of the center of this continent is home to a radioactive wasteland, results of actions by beings above both species inhabiting the planet's surface, and tying in to other stories.

A color coded map, by area is here:
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