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My Patron troll for a story or something.
I used a picture for reference, and he looks a bit older than he should here XD

Name: Achyli Septum (Ah-kill-lie Sept-um) from Latin Aeschyli Septem (7), Aeschylus the “Greek Tragedian” who’s name also derives from Greek aiskhos (αισχος) (shame)
Title: Guide of Loss
Age: 7 Alternian Solar sweeps (15)
Screen name: tolerantSentinel
Typing style:
Pauses his path of spæch on the fourtænth word and has thæ syntax similar
To that of a traditionally written poem, as one might assume in older texts
Anything that sounds like an "E” is replaced by æ (ae) and adds vowels in
Groups of 14 if the næd insists this might bæ due to his OCD
After fourtænth word hæ begins a new sentence and hæ does not use periods

Sign:  (7 in the font Marlett)
Strife specibi: Halberdkind
Fetch modus: Encyclopaedia; He has to search through a large book to get to his items.
Planet: Land of Desolation and Crossroads (LODAC)
Blood colour: Deep grey-blue #060d1814
Lusus: Africanized killer bee
Interests: Poetry/Plays and Playwrights (especially tragedies), writing (literature), taxonomy, the number 14 (2x7), knick-knacks, legends, mythology, and prophecy.
Personality: Extremely Obsessive-compulsive, usually with the number 14 (to an extent that he will become violent); constantly in a state of nostalgia, melancholy and longing (yearns for contact with other people) and will become very attached to any form of relationship; possibly sadistic in terms of affection (mentally; enjoys playing mind games); and has excessive amounts of anxiety (shown through always touching the rings on his hands)
Appearance: Horns look like the number 7, short cropped hair in the shape of a V; wears a tuque that reaches down to his eyebrows, a black long-sleeved shirt, dark blue rolled-up jeans, and large black sneakers; always looks tired; has an uncanny amount of Silicon rings on his hands (7 on each hand) that he constantly fiddles with.
Tattooed into his skin by his Lusus' venom is a prophecy, which his ancestor wrote millions of years before his time, that states what he has to do within the upcoming game to achieve what his ancestor could not reach: An archive of tomes that hold secrets of an unknown universe. It specifically states that he is the one that has to make all of these actions come to pass, and that even if one thing doesn't happen, the archive will undoubtedly spiral into an unattainable position. He tries to follow the prophecy to its every word and becomes very distraught if something is stopping him from moving towards his goal.
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